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First Impressions - Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL is finally here, although in Beta. While not recommended for production use yet, the beta version is perfect...
15-03-2017 23:28:27 Payal Singh PostgreSQL
Strange Wi-Fi and overheating issues with Linux kernel 4.x (And how to fix it the easy way)
A while ago I wrote a post on fixing monitor resolutions for my new laptop when booting into Linux. As part of the troubleshooting I upgrade...
28-12-2016 21:05:55 Payal Singh PostgreSQL
Multi-layered Connection Pooling with PgBouncer
In this post I'll talk about setting up two PgBouncers, one at the application layer, and the other at the database layer. One might wonder ...
28-03-2016 19:11:09 Payal Singh PostgreSQL
MySQL Permissions Management is a Mess.
Earlier today we had some issues due to which I was told to change a user's GRANTs in MySQL. Now I've only exclusively worked with PostgreSQ...
23-03-2015 22:28:00 Payal Singh PostgreSQL

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