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short update: please, test pspg
lot of done, lot of code rewritten please, test it - .
15-08-2017 09:27:58 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL pager pspg is ready to work
I spent lot of time on work on pspg. These points are done: support for expanded modefixed resizingtwo new stylesstart is significantly fast...
05-08-2017 07:45:58 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL

I hope so every, who uses psql uses less pager as default pager. See important Merlin's article. less is great pager, but it is not designed...
16-07-2017 14:02:08 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
new packages in community repository
I wrote two small applications pgimportdoc and pgexportdoc. Now these applications are available from community repository (Thanks to Devrim...
05-07-2017 11:49:08 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
Last half of year I am working on migration relative big application from Oracle to Postgres. This application is based on intensive usage o...
27-06-2017 12:09:05 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
New version of PLpgSQL_check
Hi I released new version of plpgsql_check. Some bugs are fixed. There are new extra warnings related to function arguments and PostgreSQL 1...
31-05-2017 10:00:29 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
Orafce and plpgsql_check are ready for PostgreSQL 10
Small note: All regress tests of and passed on PostgreSQL 10.
10-04-2017 21:10:19 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
How to find unindexed foreign keys
Often performance issue is missing index on foreign keys. With few queries is very simple to find foreign keys without index: Create a demo:...
09-04-2017 08:18:20 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
new command line tool pgimportdoc
More, more times I had to import some XML documents to Postgres. How do it simply? More, some XML documents are not in UTF8 encoding, so som...
20-02-2017 09:31:52 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
OpenERP configuration
I had a customer with strange issues of OpenERP - the main problem was long life of OpenERP/PostgreSQL sessions. The fix was not hard - usin...
23-12-2016 21:25:07 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL

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