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Release 1.0.0 of tabular data optimized pager - pspg
I released version 1.0.0 of pspg pager. It supports psql, mysql, vertica, pgcli output formats, and can be used with these databases.
16-03-2018 06:08:23 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg pager is available from Debian testing packages
The availability of pspg will be higher - it is part of Debian packages -
02-03-2018 09:01:46 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
plpgsql_check will be available for PostgreSQL 11
Last week Tom Lane pushed few significant and big patches that impacts plpgsql engine. Probably any plpgsql related tool should be fixed lot...
18-02-2018 17:03:29 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
new release of pspg
bugfix release - fixed crash after searching
12-02-2018 08:17:34 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
schema variables
Last year I worked on few successful projects - with Alvaro Herrera I finished XMLTABLE. I materialized my ideas about better user interface...
07-02-2018 08:43:50 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
nice unicode border like psql for mysql and pgcli?
It is possible. With new option --force-uniborder of pspg See screenshots:
08-01-2018 10:38:24 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg 0.9 - bookmarks, search highlighting
I implemented bookmarks and search highlighting. Please, check it
28-12-2017 19:42:22 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pgFouine revitalized
I like pgFouine much. Unfortunately pgFouine was not updated years and with new PHP there was more and more warnings (last months the docume...
15-12-2017 17:45:45 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg 0.8 released
now options --ignore-case and --IGNORE-CASE are supported Source code
15-12-2017 06:56:44 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
bugfix of precompiled dll of Orafce 3.6.2
Precompiled libraries of Orafce are available on url: .
02-12-2017 04:02:13 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL

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