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Article about PostgreSQL 11
My new article is in Czech language, but Google translator can help.
13-06-2018 11:42:07 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
plpgsql_check can identify variables with wrong type used in predicates and breaks index usage
Simple example: create table bigtable(id bigint, ...) ... declare _id numeric; begin _id := ... FOR r IN SELECT * FROM bigtable WHERE id = _...
05-06-2018 22:55:23 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
New projects st-menu, st-term
I started two new projects: st-menu and st-term. These projects should to fill gap of Unix libraries. I was surprised, so there are not a co...
31-05-2018 13:47:00 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
short notice - pspg has integrated readline library now
Today I integrated readline support to pspg. What it is mean? Better comfort when search string is entered and mainly, persistent history of...
31-05-2018 07:22:29 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg 1.1 with readline support
I released new version of pspg. Last version has integrated readline library - now, the editing of searching stings is little bit more comfo...
31-05-2018 00:52:26 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
new presentation - plpgsql often issues
My presentation from last PostgreSQL meetup -
30-05-2018 18:22:04 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
ncurses CUA menu demo
I finished technology demo of ncurses based implementation of CUA menu - menubar and pull down menu. Please, check my github project . I lik...
30-05-2018 11:57:10 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
ncurses-st-menu library is available
I finished all work on CUA menu (menubar and pulldown menu) ncurses library. This library allows skins, shadows, supports accelerators, mous...
30-05-2018 05:34:22 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
dude's test speed
I did one indicative benchmark of popular interpret languages, and I was surprised how modern PHP is fast now. This test is pretty simple an...
29-05-2018 23:09:51 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
How to don't use PL/pgSQL and other fatal errors when PL/pgSQL is used
I wrote article Jak nepou vat PL/pgSQL (p padn PL/SQL) - fat ln chyby p i v voji. The article is in Czech language, but google translator ca...
29-05-2018 16:42:44 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL

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