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Safe programming in PL/pgSQL
PL/pgSQL is verbose practical language based on Oracle's PL/SQL, that is based on years ago very popular programming language ADA. ADA langu...
25-07-2018 07:59:39 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
New release of pspg - 1.2.0
This release can be fully configured from menu (themes can be selected from menu too). The setting can be persistent to file /.pspgconf:
18-07-2018 22:47:16 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg has menu
The pager pspg has more than 30 keyboard short cuts, what can be hard to use for beginners without Linux command line knowleadge. For this r...
09-07-2018 17:12:06 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
Article about PostgreSQL 11
My new article is in Czech language, but Google translator can help.
13-06-2018 11:42:07 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
plpgsql_check can identify variables with wrong type used in predicates and breaks index usage
Simple example: create table bigtable(id bigint, ...) ... declare _id numeric; begin _id := ... FOR r IN SELECT * FROM bigtable WHERE id = _...
05-06-2018 22:55:23 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
New projects st-menu, st-term
I started two new projects: st-menu and st-term. These projects should to fill gap of Unix libraries. I was surprised, so there are not a co...
31-05-2018 13:47:00 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
short notice - pspg has integrated readline library now
Today I integrated readline support to pspg. What it is mean? Better comfort when search string is entered and mainly, persistent history of...
31-05-2018 07:22:29 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg 1.1 with readline support
I released new version of pspg. Last version has integrated readline library - now, the editing of searching stings is little bit more comfo...
31-05-2018 00:52:26 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
new presentation - plpgsql often issues
My presentation from last PostgreSQL meetup -
30-05-2018 18:22:04 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
ncurses CUA menu demo
I finished technology demo of ncurses based implementation of CUA menu - menubar and pull down menu. Please, check my github project . I lik...
30-05-2018 11:57:10 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL

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