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bugfix of precompiled dll of Orafce 3.6.2
Precompiled libraries of Orafce are available on url: .
02-12-2017 04:02:13 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
New release of pspg pager
* fix some crashes * less pager like status bar download from github.
01-12-2017 21:20:49 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
short post again
I did some few changes and pspg should supports pgcli and mysql too. Please, test it.
19-11-2017 13:03:33 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg suppports mysql too
I fixed some issues, and now the pspg can be used with mysql MariaDB [(none)]> use sakila Reading table information for completion of table ...
17-11-2017 22:58:55 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
short post: new release of pspg is available
Now, aligned scrolling in expanded mode is implemented. Some bugs are fixed too. Please, test it. Source:
14-11-2017 22:26:11 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
bugfix of precompiled dll of Orafce 3.6.1
Precompiled libraries of Orafce are available on url: .
29-10-2017 06:42:56 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
Orafce 3.6.0 for PostgreSQL 9.4-10.0 compiled for windows
Precompiled libraries of Orafce are available on url: .
28-10-2017 22:12:32 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
plpgsql_check 1.2.2 for windows (for PostgreSQL 9.4-10)
I compiled the plpgsql_check by Visual Studio 2015 Express. The dll for PostgreSQL 9.4, 9.5, 9.6 and 10, for x86 and x64 platform are availa...
27-10-2017 14:24:45 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 10 - article
I wrote a article about PostgreSQL . It is in Czech language, but Google Translator should to work.
07-10-2017 07:08:09 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg news
* 14 styles - new retro dBase IV style * more less scroll commands * available as rpm from PostgreSQL community repository
30-09-2017 21:32:09 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL

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