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PostgreSQL 10 - article
I wrote a article about PostgreSQL . It is in Czech language, but Google Translator should to work.
07-10-2017 07:08:09 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
pspg news
* 14 styles - new retro dBase IV style * more less scroll commands * available as rpm from PostgreSQL community repository
30-09-2017 21:32:09 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
New release of plpgsql_check
plpgsql_check 1.2.1 is available. Now there some analyse of dead code and detection of missing RETURN command is included. create or replace...
15-09-2017 08:04:49 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
short post - pspg is ready for release
. Please, test.
12-09-2017 11:28:19 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
Article about migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL with Ora2pg
I wrote a article about migration large set of PL/SQL procedures to Postgres. This article is in Czech language, but Google translator works...
07-09-2017 07:47:47 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
New Ora2pg is available
I am a happy user of Ora2pg - mainly because it really helps with my work. Year ago Ora2pg has minimal support for PL/SQL to PL/pgSQL conver...
02-09-2017 07:32:06 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
short update: please, test pspg
lot of done, lot of code rewritten please, test it - .
15-08-2017 09:27:58 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL pager pspg is ready to work
I spent lot of time on work on pspg. These points are done: support for expanded modefixed resizingtwo new stylesstart is significantly fast...
05-08-2017 07:45:58 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL

I hope so every, who uses psql uses less pager as default pager. See important Merlin's article. less is great pager, but it is not designed...
16-07-2017 14:02:08 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
new packages in community repository
I wrote two small applications pgimportdoc and pgexportdoc. Now these applications are available from community repository (Thanks to Devrim...
05-07-2017 11:49:08 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL

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