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SQL Server Audit Recipe - xp_cmdshell
This article assumes you already have a basic understanding of SQL Server Audit, but if not, use this link to catch up on all the details. A...
25-07-2018 10:54:11 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
SQL Server Morning Health Checks
Every now and again as a Microsoft PFE, you get a chance to make a big difference for a customer. One such occasion happened just recently w...
02-01-2018 12:15:21 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
Create a Whitelist for SQL Server - UPDATED!!!
A while back, I posted an article about creating a WhiteList for access to SQL Server. Since then I have received a bit of feedback that it ...
16-05-2017 13:06:27 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
Dear McAfee, Why are you destroying my buffer pool?
For the past few months, one my customers had been trying to diagnose an issue with SQL Server paging out the entire buffer pool each mornin...
02-05-2017 12:54:41 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
Blob Auditing for Azure SQL Database
In February 2017, Microsoft announced the general availability of Blob Auditing for Azure SQL Database. While auditing features were availab...
18-04-2017 14:05:12 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
AzureRM Module Version
When working with the AzureRM PowerShell module, remember the module is constantly being updated to take advantage of new features added to ...
13-04-2017 19:44:22 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
A Goal of Speaking at PASS Summit
Everyone has goals or at least they should have goals. As a young professional out of college, I had plenty of goals, but none of them invol...
26-09-2016 16:46:42 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
SQLPSX is Finally Getting Updated
The most current code is now on Github, with the Codeplex version being depreciated. You can read all about the planned updates from Mike Sh...
16-08-2016 13:58:54 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
TSQL Tuesday #79 -SQL Server 2016 Launch Discovery Day (aka Hackathon)
The host for T-SQL Tuesday #79 is Michael J. Swart (b|t), and his topic of choice is to write about the new release of SQL Server 2016. This...
14-06-2016 13:49:45 Patrick Keisler SQL Server
Database Restore Fails with Msg 3154
Have you ever tried to restore over an existing database only to receive the following error message? Msg 3154, Level 16, State 4, Line 1 Th...
24-05-2016 15:04:23 Patrick Keisler SQL Server

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