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Polymorphic Table Functions – Part 2
In my previous post I wrote about a possible use-case for Polymorphic Table Functions. I also wrote that I had some ideas to implement extra...
09-12-2018 08:05:56 Patrick Barel Oracle
Polymorphic Table Functions
I have been working on a presentation on Polymorphic Table Functions. During this time I was looking for a real use case for Polymorphic Tab...
18-11-2018 08:20:16 Patrick Barel Oracle
Comparing queries…
How do you compare a rewritten query to its original version? Most of the time I just run a MINUS operation on the original and new query. A...
22-10-2017 09:57:52 Patrick Barel Oracle
Change UUIDs in VirtualBox
If you are anything like me you will have multiple virtualboxes running on your system. Sometimes you might want to run a copy of a virtualb...
12-03-2017 08:29:47 Patrick Barel Oracle
Connecting PL/SQL Developer
In SQL Developer you have a lot of options when connecting to the database. You can use the TNS entries defined but you can also give the ho...
28-10-2016 17:29:04 Patrick Barel Oracle
How can we use Oracle to deduplicate our data
Dear Patrick, We have gone through a merger at our company where we are trying to merge the databases. The problem now is that we have dupli...
13-10-2016 12:39:31 Patrick Barel Oracle
OTN Appreciation Day : Prebuilt Developer VMs
I learnt a lot from the entire Oracle Technology Network and I still do. One of the best features of OTN these days, IMHO, is the ability to...
11-10-2016 13:08:42 Patrick Barel Oracle
How can we add custom code to existing triggers?
Dear Patrick, We have bought an application that runs on an Oracle database. There are triggers defined on the tables, but we want to add ou...
06-10-2016 13:06:17 Patrick Barel Oracle
What is overloading and how and when do I use it
Dear Patrick, Recently I heard someone talk about overloading in Java. What is it, is it possible in PL/SQL and if so, how would I use it? R...
29-09-2016 11:40:56 Patrick Barel Oracle
When would you use a normal table function?
Dear Patrick, Last year I did a presentation on table functions at KScope. One of the questions I got was: 'If pipelined table functions pro...
22-09-2016 12:29:42 Patrick Barel Oracle

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