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Troubleshooting network throughput issues in Oracle Data Guard
Introduction In this article I describe the basic mechanics of TCP and DataGuard as well as relevant performance metrics on the database, OS...
10-12-2018 22:41:28 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
Set-based processing
Last week I participated in Oracle's Real World Performance event four days of lectures, quizzes, live demos and hands-on exercises. It was ...
11-07-2017 01:11:15 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
Business rules, common sense and query performance
Very often, significant performance benefits can be obtained by using some very basic knowledge of the application, its data and business ru...
16-03-2017 19:30:38 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
Reducing fetch time
Database query tuning is mostly about getting better plans. Mostly, but not always. Sometimes, the problem has nothing to do with the plan, ...
15-03-2017 00:44:23 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
Long-running INSERT
On one of the databases I'm looking after (, Solaris, non-RAC), several different INSERT statements (all into tablespaces with manua...
31-01-2017 23:01:36 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
Dealing with a global increase in CPU usage
Imagine the following situation: you are supporting an application with many different components and a busy release cycle. One a Monday mor...
23-12-2016 18:46:44 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
Join predicate pushdown
When a query contains a regular or inline view, there are 3 basic strategies for the optimizer to choose from: 1) merge the view (no "VIEW" ...
29-06-2016 18:54:20 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
Join cardinality
In my previous post I showed an example of how a query's performance can be improved using the waste minimization technique. My focus was pr...
27-06-2016 11:51:56 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
Query tuning by waste minimization: a real-life example
Today I'd like to share another tuning example from a recent case at work, which in my opinion is good for illustrating typical steps involv...
22-06-2016 12:52:58 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle
AWR analysis: another case study
A few weeks ago, I received a request to review an AWR report for a database suffering from instance-level performance issues. Here are the ...
13-06-2016 10:32:14 Nikolay Savvinov Oracle

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