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UKOUG Oracle Conference – why bother?
The excellent DOAG Oracle conference is currently taking place in Nuremberg in Germany. I've been thinking about the UKOUG Conference due to...
21-11-2018 15:02:09 Neil Chandler Oracle
Oracle Open World Presetation: REST Enabled Neural Networks
Hi! I'm currently at Oracle Open World 2018 in San Francisco and I've so I thought I would provide a copy of my slide deck for the presentat...
23-10-2018 00:49:00 Neil Chandler Oracle
Off to Spain!
Next week I will be in Madrid to speak at the Spanish Oracle User Group SpOUG! I am really looking forward to this. Great content, an opport...
23-09-2018 09:32:13 Neil Chandler Oracle
So that was POUG18 the Polish Pint with Oracle User Group. This is the 3rd annual conference (and the 4th event) I have attended. A new loca...
18-09-2018 11:42:14 Neil Chandler Oracle
Off to Poland…
This week I will be speaking at the Polish Oracle User Group annual conference in Sopot, Poland. It looks like a beautiful location for what...
04-09-2018 12:43:59 Neil Chandler Oracle
Which Oracle Release are you using?
Post Date: August 2018! Recently an awesome Oracle Guru friend of mine questioned someone who was installing with the word "serious...
13-08-2018 12:52:59 Neil Chandler Oracle
Riga Dev Days 2018
Last week I spent some time in Riga, Latvia. It was unusually warm, much to the consternation of the locals who wanted it to return to more ...
03-06-2018 14:30:05 Neil Chandler Oracle
UKOUG Call For Papers: Tech18, Apps18 and JDE18
The call for papers for Tech18, Apps18 and JDE18 is now open until Monday 4th June at 09:00. You have until then to submit an abstract for w...
28-05-2018 19:40:17 Neil Chandler Oracle
See me in Riga!
I will be speaking about the Oracle Optimizer in Riga, at Riga Dev Days! The biggest tech conference in the Baltic states takes place on the...
18-05-2018 16:17:46 Neil Chandler Oracle
Running RAC in a Virtual Environment
I was in a discussion at an Oracle Meetup this week, and the subject of RAC in a virtualized environment specifically Oracle Virtual Machine...
18-05-2018 09:39:36 Neil Chandler Oracle

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