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Online Index Rebuild Problem in 12C
When building an index in Oracle Enterprise edition using the keyword "ONLINE", if the index build fails for whatever reason a messy set of ...
12-05-2017 18:23:04 Neil Chandler Oracle
UKOUG Tech17 Call For Papers!
The UK OracleUser Group has opened its Call For Papers for our flagship conference. We are looking for presenters across all Oracle technolo...
08-05-2017 21:08:30 Neil Chandler Oracle
GoldenGate unsupported types
When using GoldenGate there are few rules which need to be followed, and a very small number of unsupported datatypes. This is the excerpt f...
27-03-2017 14:50:11 Neil Chandler Oracle
Getting Started with GoldenGate
Not a blog post, but a link to my article in the UKOUG quarterly magazine OracleScene great publication with some fab articles. Enjoy!Filed ...
16-03-2017 12:45:21 Neil Chandler Oracle
Oracle Audit Part 4 – Unified Auditing Problem
Part 4 in a loose series of blog posts about auditing; the new Oracle 12 feature. Unified auditing. The intention behind Unified Auditing, a...
28-02-2017 17:06:07 Neil Chandler Oracle
UKOUG Tech 16
It is the UKOUG Tech16 (and App16 & JDE 16) conference in a short few days. As well as giving 2 presentations myself, the first about Disast...
19-01-2017 22:31:29 Neil Chandler Oracle
Call for Papers – UKOUG 2017 SIGs
All, The time has come for me to plan the upcoming 2017 UKOUG Special Interest Groups. I am chairman of the RAC, Cloud, Infrastructure and A...
19-01-2017 15:53:43 Neil Chandler Oracle
Oracle Conferences
So the conference season is all over for another year. I have had a bumper crop of conferences and have been a very lucky man to attend and ...
19-01-2017 09:19:19 Neil Chandler Oracle
Inserting data in SQL*Plus correctly
When inserting data into the database, it is occasionally forgotten (especially by English-speakers) that we need to take steps to ensure we...
19-01-2017 02:38:45 Neil Chandler Oracle
UKOUG 2-Stream London SIG
We now have the agenda online for the UKOUG 2-stream London SIG, due to take place on 23rd February. There will be an RDBMS Stream and a RAC...
18-01-2017 20:02:53 Neil Chandler Oracle

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