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UKOUG Technology Day
We have organized a UKOUG Technology Summit in Leeds on 16th May. It's really a small Conference! This is available to UKOUG Members and wil...
13-04-2018 15:57:39 Neil Chandler Oracle
UKOUG Member Advocate: sorted!
I received an email from the UKOUG last week. It turns out that I have won the vote to become the next Member Advocate for the UKOUG. I will...
26-03-2018 09:35:12 Neil Chandler Oracle
UKOUG M.A. Voting Hots Up!
It's getting hotter! After so many years volunteering at the UKOUG, are you going to vote me for Member Advocate? Do you think I will repres...
27-02-2018 18:29:41 Neil Chandler Oracle
I want your vote!
Are you a member of the UKOUG? Read on I'm currently standing for the role of Member Advocate. But why? I've been volunteering at the UKOUG ...
16-02-2018 18:06:35 Neil Chandler Oracle
KILL! KILL! KILL! (of Unix processes)
The start of this isn't my post I got it from here: but I wanted to reblog/repost and enhance it because as far as I can tell, 99% of all kn...
08-01-2018 14:46:58 Neil Chandler Oracle
Oracle ACE Director
I was at UKOUG Tech17 this week in my capacity at both Speaker and Tech Lead (organizing and selecting the agenda, drinks, parties, etc alth...
09-12-2017 00:58:14 Neil Chandler Oracle
UKOUG Tech17 Dec 3rd-6th
I love the UKOUG Tech conferences, but then I'm biased. It was the first conference I spoke at a few years ago, but I've been going to see U...
02-12-2017 17:32:08 Neil Chandler Oracle
UKOUG Nothern Technology Summit
Here at the UKOUG, we've just announced that we will be holding a 1-day UKOUG Northern Technology Summit in the North of England on the week...
06-11-2017 10:38:08 Neil Chandler Oracle
HrOUG – The Croatian Conference
Arriving on Tuesday afternoon, directly from the Slovenia Conference and it's straight into the 3rd Autumn conference! Conveniently, Sloveni...
02-11-2017 02:47:26 Neil Chandler Oracle
SiOUG – The Slovenian Conference
So October came around and it was time for my second and third conferenced of the autumn season. I had been kindly select to do 2 talks at t...
01-11-2017 20:05:40 Neil Chandler Oracle

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