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What's New in MySQL 8.0? (Generally Available)
We proudly announce General Availability of MySQL 8.0. Download now! MySQL 8.0 is an extremely exciting new version of the world's most popu...
20-04-2018 03:22:59 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0 - Announcing GA of the MySQL Document Store
In this blog I'll explain the big wins that come with the MySQL Document Store in the MySQL 8.0 GA. Basically SQL + NOSQL = Winning Combinat...
19-04-2018 20:40:34 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0: From SQL Tables to JSON Documents (and back again)
One of the nice things about MySQL 8.0 is the ability to combine the relational and document models. As a developer, you can choose to work ...
17-04-2018 12:01:14 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0 Regular expressions and character properties
In MySQL 8.0 we have replaced the old regular expression library with the ICU regex library. See Martin's blog on the topic. The main goal i...
11-04-2018 14:19:03 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
New Regular Expression Functions in MySQL 8.0
In MySQL 8.0 we introduce the ICU library to handle our regular expression support. This library is maintained by the Unicode Consortium and...
09-04-2018 10:30:34 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Partial update of JSON values
MySQL 8.0 introduces partial update of JSON values, which is a nice performance improvement for applications that frequently update small po...
03-04-2018 17:51:16 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0 Source Code Improvements
With this post, I want to bring your attention to source code improvements in MySQL 8.0. MySQL 8.0 modernizes the code base by using C++11 c...
23-03-2018 14:20:33 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Password reuse policy in MySQL 8.0
MySQL has various kinds of password policy enforcement tools: a password can expire (even automatically), can be forced to be of a certain l...
13-03-2018 08:42:38 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
New Defaults in MySQL 8.0
MySQL 8.0 comes with improved defaults, aiming at the best out of the box experience possible. Here we describe the changes and why they are...
01-03-2018 15:53:44 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL Shell 8.0.4: Introducing "Upgrade checker" utility
MySQL 8.0 brings a lot of exciting new features and improvements. To make sure that your 5.7 system is ready for an upgrade there are certai...
06-02-2018 20:46:45 MySQL Server Blog MySQL

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