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MySQL Shell 8.0.4: Introducing "Upgrade checker" utility
MySQL 8.0 brings a lot of exciting new features and improvements. To make sure that your 5.7 system is ready for an upgrade there are certai...
06-02-2018 20:46:45 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0.4 : New Default Authentication Plugin : caching_sha2_password
Starting with MySQL 8.0.4, we are changing the default authentication plugin for MySQL server from mysql_native_password to caching_sha2_pas...
25-01-2018 08:46:57 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
The MySQL 8.0.4 Release Candidate is available
The MySQL Development team is very happy to announce that MySQL 8.0.4, the second 8.0 Release Candidate (RC2), is now available for download...
24-01-2018 15:48:34 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0.4, OpenSSL, and MySQL Community Edition
Starting with the MySQL Community 8.0.4-RC we are unifying on OpenSSL as the default TLS/SSL library for both MySQL Enterprise Edition and M...
24-01-2018 09:17:51 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Row numbering, ranking: how to use LESS user variables in MySQL queries
User variables, even though not part of standard SQL, are great objects in MySQL. They allow to keep some "state" for the life of a session:...
22-12-2017 15:06:08 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0: Query Optimizer Takes Data Buffering into Account
In earlier versions of MySQL, the query optimizer did not distinguish between data that was cached in the database buffer and data that had ...
07-12-2017 08:31:59 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0 Collations: Migrating from older collations, Part 2
In my blog MySQL 8.0 Collations: Migrating from older collations I showed a query that could identify the values that might break a unique c...
01-12-2017 12:02:26 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Further improvements on INFORMATION_SCHEMA in MySQL 8.0.3
Introduction With the transactional data dictionary in MySQL 8.0, see MySQL 8.0: Data Dictionary Architecture and Design , INFORMATION_SCHEM...
23-11-2017 16:33:39 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Optimization to skip index dives with FORCE INDEX.
Index dives are performed during the optimization phase to help decide which index to use. Currently when user specifies FORCE INDEX, optimi...
17-11-2017 10:26:20 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
New optimizer hint for changing the session system variable.
In MySQL 8.0.3, we have introduced a new optimizer hint called SET_VAR. This hint allows to change the value of a system variable for a sing...
11-11-2017 13:22:15 MySQL Server Blog MySQL

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