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MySQL 8.0.1: [Recursive] Common Table Expressions in MySQL (CTEs), Part Four - depth-first or breadth-first traversal, transitive closure, cycle avoidance
CTEs and Recursive CTEs appeared in MySQL 8.0; first in a Labs release and now in the official release 8.0.1. Several blogs have been publis...
23-05-2017 18:39:35 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0: When to use utf8mb3 over utf8mb4?
Long time MySQL users will recognize that there are two varieties of utf8 support in MySQL; utf8mb3 and utf8mb4. Let me dig a little bit dee...
19-05-2017 18:54:19 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0: It's doxygen time for MTR
Doxygen is a standard tool used for generating software reference documentation. Since the documentation is written within the code, it is r...
18-05-2017 18:20:16 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL InnoDB Cluster in Oracle Public Cloud: A Tutorial – Part 2
In the first part of this series you learned how to setup an InnoDB cluster using Oracle Cloud. In this second part, you are going to learn ...
12-05-2017 01:23:25 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0: GROUPING function
Starting with MySQL 8.0.1, the server supports the SQL GROUPING function. The GROUPING function is used to distinguish between a NULL repres...
02-05-2017 16:45:33 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
The "Unified Data Dictionary" Lab Release
The recent "Unified Data Dictionary Lab Release" quietly delivered an important change to the MySQL server with InnoDB engine: the "InnoDB S...
27-04-2017 18:00:01 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0 Collations: Migrating from older collations
From MySQL 8.0, utf8mb4 is the default character set, and the default collation for utf8mb4 is utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci. MySQL 8.0 is also coming ...
24-04-2017 19:16:46 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL InnoDB Cluster in Oracle Public Cloud: A Tutorial
In this tutorial, we are going to guide you through the entire process of creating a 3 node InnoDB cluster in Oracle Public Cloud (OPC). We ...
21-04-2017 19:14:53 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0.1: Japanese collation for utf8mb4
In MySQL 8.0.1, in addition to new as_cs collations (accent sensitive, case sensitive) for utf8mb4, we have also added a new collation for J...
17-04-2017 04:47:18 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0.1: Accent and case sensitive collations for utf8mb4
In MySQL 8.0 we have been working to improve our support for utf8 as we make the transition to switch it to the default character set. For m...
13-04-2017 18:22:19 MySQL Server Blog MySQL

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