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Further improvements on INFORMATION_SCHEMA in MySQL 8.0.3
Introduction With the transactional data dictionary in MySQL 8.0, see MySQL 8.0: Data Dictionary Architecture and Design , INFORMATION_SCHEM...
23-11-2017 16:33:39 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Optimization to skip index dives with FORCE INDEX.
Index dives are performed during the optimization phase to help decide which index to use. Currently when user specifies FORCE INDEX, optimi...
17-11-2017 10:26:20 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
New optimizer hint for changing the session system variable.
In MySQL 8.0.3, we have introduced a new optimizer hint called SET_VAR. This hint allows to change the value of a system variable for a sing...
11-11-2017 13:22:15 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Contention-Aware Transaction Scheduling Arriving in InnoDB to Boost Performance
Authors: Sunny Bains, Jiamin Huang (University of Michigan) What is Transaction Scheduling? Locking is one of the most popular mechanisms fo...
05-11-2017 11:59:13 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Atomic DDL in MySQL 8.0
The new data dictionary in MySQL 8.0 is mostly transparent to users upgrading, in that an import process is automatically run on first-start...
23-10-2017 14:03:13 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Histogram statistics in MySQL
As of MySQL 8.0.3, you now have the ability to create histogram statistics in order to provide more statistics to the optimizer. In this blo...
03-10-2017 01:01:03 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0 RC1 – Highlights
The long awaited first release candidate of MySQL 8.0 is now available. The theme of this release is "making MySQL better for modern apps". ...
25-09-2017 20:12:18 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
The MySQL 8.0.3 Release Candidate is available
The MySQL Development team is very happy to announce that MySQL 8.0.3, the first 8.0 Release Candidate (RC1), is now available for download ...
21-09-2017 17:21:58 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Plan to improve the out of the Box Experience in MySQL 8.0
In MySQL 8.0, we will be introducing a new configuration parameter called innodb_dedicated_s erver=bool. When ON, this option will look at t...
24-08-2017 17:10:00 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0.2 More Flexible Undo Tablespace Management
In MySQL 8.0.2 DMR we will introduce features which make managing undo tablespaces easier in InnoDB. The main improvement is that you can no...
31-07-2017 14:40:48 MySQL Server Blog MySQL

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