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APEX Plugin: Execute PL/SQL code and return content to page (updated)
Oracle APEX has a built-in Dynamic Action called "Execute PL/SQL Code" that executes a block of PL/SQL code on the server via an Ajax call (...
30-01-2019 19:53:33 Morten Braten Oracle
Quick PL/SQL, a code generator for PL/SQL based on simple markup
Maybe you've heard about "Quick SQL", a utility (previously a separate application, now part of APEX 18.1 itself) that generates SQL scripts...
09-08-2018 13:01:26 Morten Braten Oracle
Thoughts about the APEX_UTIL package
The APEX_UTIL package in Oracle Application Express is a mixed bag of "miscellaneous" stuff. From the documentation: "You can use the APEX_U...
19-03-2018 14:26:11 Morten Braten Oracle
APEX Authentication with Microsoft account
In the upcoming Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.2 release, support has been added for so-called "Social Sign-In" authentication. This me...
25-02-2018 15:31:44 Morten Braten Oracle
Using the Slack webhook API from PL/SQL
Slack is a web-based chat room popular with many companies. Slack also has an API that can be used to post messages to a given "channel" or ...
21-02-2018 21:38:29 Morten Braten Oracle
Pivot Table plugin for APEX (Updated)
Some years ago I created an APEX region plugin for displaying the results of a query as a Pivot Table. You can read the original blog post a...
10-02-2018 17:56:16 Morten Braten Oracle
Oracle XE 12c becomes Oracle XE 18c
Oracle Database, Express Edition (XE) is a free version of the Oracle Database, currently available as version 11g (11.2) for Windows and Li...
18-10-2017 13:23:02 Morten Braten Oracle
ODC Appreciation Day: The PL/SQL Language
Like last year, Tim Hall of fame suggested we should all do an "ODC Appreciation Day" in honor of the Oracle Developer Commu...
10-10-2017 09:29:09 Morten Braten Oracle
Using VS Code for PL/SQL development
I've been using Sublime Text as my main editor for PL/SQL development for many years, but I'm now in the process of switching to Visual Stud...
21-03-2017 09:26:35 Morten Braten Oracle
APEX Plugin: Calendar Heatmap Region
I was looking at the GitHub "contribution chart", which shows number of commits per day as a heatmap calendar. I thought this type of chart ...
21-01-2017 15:31:48 Morten Braten Oracle

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