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Node restart improvements in MySQL Cluster 7.6
A simple test to see how much faster restarts are in 7.6 compared to 7.5 is to load a set of DBT2 warehouses and next perform a node restart...
13-06-2018 15:51:02 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Benchmark of new cloud feature in MySQL Cluster 7.6
In previous blogs we have shown how MySQL Cluster can use the Read Backup feature to improve performance when the MySQL Server and the NDB d...
12-06-2018 10:02:28 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Impact of sharding on query performance in MySQL Cluster
A new week of blogs about our development in MySQL Cluster 7.6. After working a long time on a set of new developments, there is a lot of th...
11-06-2018 12:02:02 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Benchmark Read Backup Feature of NDB in the Oracle Cloud
The previous blog demonstrated the improvements from using the Read Backup feature in NDB in a tightly connected on premise installation. No...
08-06-2018 10:11:53 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Benchmarking the Read Backup feature in the NDB storage engine
Read Backup was a new feature in MySQL Cluster 7.5. When MySQL Cluster 7.5 was released I was already busily engaged in working on the parti...
07-06-2018 21:24:31 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
MySQL Cluster 7.6 and the thread pool
Looking at the graphs in the previous blog post one can see that MySQL Cluster 7.6 using the shared memory transporter can improve performan...
07-06-2018 14:57:08 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Colocated MySQL Server and NDB data nodes
Historically the advice for MySQL Cluster has been to not colocate the MySQL Server and the NDB data node for scalable applications. There a...
05-06-2018 15:27:38 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Improvements from NDB wakeup threads
In MySQL Cluster 7.6 we introduced a new thread type in the NDB API. Traditionally each cluster connection has one send thread to assist in ...
04-06-2018 20:07:01 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
MySQL Cluster 7.6 future proof
MySQL Cluster 7.6 is designed to improve the restart times for database sizes that MySQL Cluster 7.5 and earlier versions support. At the sa...
02-06-2018 11:32:10 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
MySQL Cluster 7.6 in numbers
MySQL Cluster 7.6 is now released as GA. 7.6 contains a lot of interesting changes. Here is a list of changes in numbers in the recent MySQL...
01-06-2018 17:19:22 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL

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