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HopsFS running on top of MySQL Cluster 7.5 wins IEEE Scale Challenge 2017
HopsFS that implements Hadoop HDFS on top of MySQL Cluster 7.5 won the IEEE Scale Challenge 2017. HopsFS demonstrated a workload that scaled...
08-06-2017 16:06:00 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Setting up MySQL Cluster in the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud
The Oracle Bare Metal Cloud service is an innovative cloud service. When looking at how it can be used for MySQL Cluster it is a great fit. ...
14-04-2017 18:56:39 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Installing MySQL Cluster 7.5.6 on Red Hat derivatives
MySQL Cluster 7.5.6 comes with a new nice feature. It is now possible to install MySQL Cluster using the MySQL repos. I made an exercise tod...
14-04-2017 05:51:58 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Setting up a MySQL Cluster on Amazon Cloud
In my previous post I covered how to install MySQL Cluster on a Red Hat VM. In order to run MySQL Cluster in a cloud environment I use 4 VMs...
13-04-2017 23:18:12 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
MySQL Cluster up and running in less than 4 minutes
This blog is full of graphics. A while ago I decided to try out the MySQL Cluster Auto Installer. I have my own scripts and tools to work wi...
18-01-2017 21:36:50 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
MySQL Cluster and real-time requirements
This blog gives some background to the decisions made when designing the storage engine NDB Cluster used in MySQL Cluster around how to supp...
07-11-2016 14:35:12 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Separation of Query Server and Data Server
In MySQL we have separated the Query Server and the Data Server functionality. The Query Server is what takes care of handling the SQL queri...
04-11-2016 15:02:50 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Read any replica in MySQL Cluster 7.5
MySQL Cluster uses a distributed architecture where we have one primary replica and one or more backup replicas of all data in the cluster. ...
20-10-2016 18:44:54 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
HopsFS based on MySQL Cluster 7.5 delivers a scalable HDFS
The swedish research institute, SICS, have worked hard for a few years on developing a scalable and a highly available Hadoop implementation...
20-10-2016 07:58:39 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
MySQL Cluster 7.5 is GA, best cluster release ever
I have been fairly quiet on my blog for some time. We've been very busy developing new features for MySQL Cluster 7.5 and ensuring that the ...
20-10-2016 01:11:55 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL

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