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NDB Checkpoints and research on In-Memory Databases
I just read an article called Low-Overhead Asynchronous Checkpointing in Main-Memory Database Systems. It was mentioned in a course in Datab...
18-03-2018 07:56:04 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Partial LCPs and disk space
One of the main objectives of the new Partial LCP algorithm in MySQL Cluster 7.6 is to keep up with the development of modern HW. I have alr...
18-03-2018 01:16:47 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Partial LCPs and Read-only tables
In MySQL Cluster 7.5 we use Complete Checkpoints. In MySQL Cluster 7.6 we implement an approach where we only checkpoint a part of the datab...
17-03-2018 18:37:49 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Discovering rows that have been updated since last checkpoint
One important problem that requires a solution is to decide whether a row has been updated since the last checkpoint or not. Most implementa...
17-03-2018 11:58:53 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
NDB Cluster and disk columns
NDB is mainly an In-memory database. We have however also the possibility to store non-indexed columns on disk. This data uses a page cache ...
17-03-2018 05:26:34 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
NDB Checkpoints vs Disk-based checkpoints
At one point in the development of the Partial LCP algorithm I started wondering how it compares to an approach where one uses a standard pa...
16-03-2018 22:45:00 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
UPDATE: MySQL Cluster 7.5 inside and out
Publishing a book internationally turned out to be a bit more complex than I originally thought. Therefore there are three different ways to...
28-02-2018 13:20:01 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Adaptive algorithms in NDB and in cars
The world is brimming with the ideas of self-driving cars and all sorts of other concepts where computers are supposed to take care of decis...
12-02-2018 11:13:14 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Content of MySQL Cluster 7.5 inside and out
Here is a link to the Book content in the new book MySQL Cluster 7.5 inside and out.
08-02-2018 19:30:43 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
MySQL Cluster 7.5 inside and out
A new book on MySQL Cluster is out. It is called MySQL Cluster 7.5 inside and out. It is on its way out to all internet sites. Currently it ...
08-02-2018 12:51:18 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL

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