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10 Things I Learned While Working At D2L
Today marks my tenth anniversary working for D2L and it also marks ten years since I specialized in databases full time. I've never worked a...
16-07-2017 22:58:22 Michael Swart SQL Server
Converting from DateTime to Ticks using SQL Server
A .Net tick is a duration of time lasting 0.1 microseconds. When you look at the Tick property of DateTime, you'll see that it represents th...
06-07-2017 17:02:06 Michael Swart SQL Server
A Table Of Contents For the Data Industry
A review of Designing Data-Intensive Applications The Big Ideas Behind Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Systems by Martin Kleppman, publ...
24-05-2017 17:11:16 Michael Swart SQL Server
Drawing (again) with SQL Server
You have my permission to skip this post. This one's just for me. So I've been drawing again with SQL Server's spatial results tab, the firs...
05-05-2017 18:10:32 Michael Swart SQL Server
Find Your Dark Queries
If your monitoring solution relies heavily on the statistics of cached queries, then you may not be capturing all activity.
18-04-2017 18:07:13 Michael Swart SQL Server
It's difficult to say anything meaningful about this topic. I can't think of another topic that requires the phrase "it depends" more. And i...
24-03-2017 15:43:37 Michael Swart SQL Server
A Program to Find INSERT Statements That Don't Specify Columns
I've got a program here that finds SQL in procedures with missing column specifications. Table Columns Are Ordered Even though they shouldn'...
22-02-2017 14:51:21 Michael Swart SQL Server
Generate Permutations Fast using SQL
If you google "generating permutations using SQL", you get thousands of hits. It's an interesting problem if not very useful. I wrote a solu...
14-02-2017 17:43:24 Michael Swart SQL Server
What Does "monitorLoop" mean in the Blocked Process Report
Some trivia for your Friday. I recently got a question asking about what the attribute "monitorLoop" is in the blocked-process-report becaus...
10-02-2017 16:46:57 Michael Swart SQL Server
Case study: Troubleshooting Doomed Transactions
Another recap of a problem we recently tackled where we had to find out why a doomed transaction was still trying to do work. A doomed trans...
16-01-2017 15:18:36 Michael Swart SQL Server

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