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Uncovering Hidden Complexity
The other day, Erin Stellato asked a question on twitter about the value of nested SPs. Here's how I weighed in: I'm not a fan of nested any...
26-10-2018 19:06:33 Michael Swart SQL Server
The Bare Minimum You Need To Know To Work With Git
I don't like using git for source control. It's the worst source control system (except for all the others). My biggest beef is that many of...
09-07-2018 15:59:16 Michael Swart SQL Server
Shifting Gears in 2018
I wanted you to know about some changes coming to this blog. I'm shifting the focus from SQL Server to other technologies. Specifically, I'm...
03-07-2018 15:47:21 Michael Swart SQL Server
ORDER BY newid() is an Unbiased Way To Randomize
Mike Bostock is a data-visualization specialist. And it really shows in his blog. Every article is really well designed (which makes sense m...
15-06-2018 16:58:50 Michael Swart SQL Server
Are There Any System Generated Constraint Names Lurking In Your Database?
Names for constraints are optional meaning that if you don't provide a name when it's created or cannot afford one, one will be appointed to...
06-04-2018 16:43:31 Michael Swart SQL Server
T-SQL Options for Comparing "Distinctness"
I had the privilege of listening to Itzik Ben Gan talk about "distinctness" in a talk he gave at PASS Summit. Distinctness is a relationship...
26-03-2018 15:00:05 Michael Swart SQL Server
"Failed to initialize deadlock control, Key cannot be null" When Viewing Deadlock Graphs
I recently got this error in Management Studio when trying to view a deadlock graph that was collected with an extended events session: Fail...
15-03-2018 15:35:16 Michael Swart SQL Server
My Trip to the West Coast
I was at the MVP Global Summit last week in Redmond, Washington. I was excited to go because I hadn't been to the summit since 2014. Since I...
12-03-2018 17:44:14 Michael Swart SQL Server
SHA1 Collisions in SQL Server
Takeaway: It's been frowned on for a while, but SHA1 is definitely broken for security purposes. In October of 2010, Michael Coles created a...
17-01-2018 15:35:08 Michael Swart SQL Server
100 Percent Online Deployments: Stage and Switch
100 Percent Online Deployments How to deploy schema changes without scheduled downtime Introduction Blue-Green Deployment Blue-Green Deploym...
15-01-2018 20:14:56 Michael Swart SQL Server

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