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Fedora SQL*Developer
After you download SQL Developer 18 on Fedora 27, you can install it with the yum utility, like yum install -y sqldeveloper- 748...
26-08-2018 14:05:51 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
APEX New Workspace
After you install APEX or upgrade a base APEX, you need to create workspaces. These instructions show you how to create a workspace in APEX ...
26-08-2018 07:33:13 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
APEX 4 to 18 Upgrade
While preparing my new instance for class, which uses Oracle 11g XE and Fedora 27, I got caught by the Oracle instructions. I should have go...
26-08-2018 01:00:12 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
MySQL 5.7.* and mysqli
After installing MySQL 5.7.22 and PHP 7.1.17 on Fedora 27, you need to install the mysqli library. You need to verify if the mysqli library ...
23-08-2018 20:18:11 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Docker on Fedora 27
This walks you through the steps to install the Community Edition of Docker on Fedora 27. If you've been living under a rock for a few years...
06-07-2018 04:51:58 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Ruby GEM Mongo
While trying to use the Ruby gem utility to install the MongoDB gem, I encountered an error on a new Fedora 27 instance. This is the error m...
17-05-2018 22:59:04 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Cassandra on Fedora 27
The last time that I installed Cassandra was on a version of Fedora 20. So, I new the first thing to check was the installation of Java. You...
17-05-2018 09:39:57 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
MongoDB on Fedora 27
I was very pleased to see MongoDB 3.4 in the repo for Fedora 27; however, I was quite frankly severely disappointed by the lack of concrete ...
17-05-2018 03:04:34 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
MySQL on Fedora 27
While updating my class image to Fedora 27, I noticed that it installed the Akonadi Server. The documentation on the Akonadi server lacked s...
16-05-2018 11:07:27 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
PostgreSQL Calling File
Somebody asked: How do you run a script file from PostgreSQL's psql prompt? I created two files to answer the question. Here are the two fil...
14-05-2018 08:23:10 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash

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