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Windows 10 Laptops
Teaching Oracle technology always has challenges. They're generally large challenges because we ask students to run 4 GB Linux VM with Oracl...
16-01-2018 05:41:10 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Apple iTunes Bug
Over the years, this bug never gets fixed. I know it must irritate more people than just me. Unlike those who live in urban communities with...
23-12-2017 07:11:40 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Oracle 12c and PHP
This answers "How you connect PHP programs to an Oracle 12c multitenant database. This shows you how to connect your PHP programs to a user-...
10-12-2017 21:19:48 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Type Dependent Tree
While trying to explain a student question about Oracle object types, it seemed necessary to show how to write a dependency tree. I did some...
10-12-2017 09:22:21 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Substitutable Columns
Oracle's substitutable columns are interesting and substantially different than Oracle's nested tables. The benefit of substitutable columns...
09-12-2017 08:01:13 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
How to install MongoDB
This post shows the yum command to install the MongoDB packages on Linux. More on setup and use will follow. You install the MongoDB package...
28-09-2017 06:36:51 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
PostgreSQL Automatic IDs
It's interesting to see the way different databases implement automatic numbering. Oracle Database 12c is the closest to PostgreSQL in some ...
04-08-2017 09:22:03 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Cassandra Query Language
After installing Cassandra and reading Cassandra The Definitive Guide, it struck me that I should learn a bit more about the Cassandra Query...
30-07-2017 08:35:23 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
DevOps Handbook Review
DevOps: Is it a mindset or process? That's a big question for managers because while you can't manage a mindset, you can manage a process. D...
27-07-2017 04:08:51 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Install Cassandra on Fedora
It was quite interesting to discover that DataStax no longer provides the DataStax Community version of Apache Cassandra or the DataStax Dis...
26-07-2017 05:32:23 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash

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