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Oracle SQL Strip Quotes
Somebody wanted to know how to strip double quotes from strings. Obviously, they're playing with the DBMS_METADATA package. It's quite simpl...
18-06-2017 18:56:50 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Read list of a dictionaries
My students wanted a quick example of how to read a list of a dictionaries in Python. So, here it is: #!/usr/bin/python # Declare list of di...
02-06-2017 06:27:58 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Installing PIP for Python
If you're on a Mac running macOS Sierra, you can install PIP to add packages. PIP stands for either of the following: PIP installs Packages ...
02-05-2017 08:58:31 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Python variable not defined
While working with a programming example for my students, I ran into an interesting run-time error when I changed their approach to importin...
27-03-2017 09:39:05 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Install PyGame on Fedora
The PyGame library is a wonderful tool for building games with Python. It lets you accomplish a great deal by simply managing events. You ne...
25-03-2017 08:56:54 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Install EasyGUI on Fedora
The EasyGUI library is a nice tool for developing GUI applications. It doesn't require you to know event-driven programming to write basic G...
22-02-2017 10:49:32 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Reset Oracle Password
This blog entry shows you how to reset the system password for an Oracle Database. It uses a Linux image running Oracle Database 11g Express...
22-02-2017 00:13:57 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Oracle Diagnostic Queries
It's always a challenge when you want to build your own Oracle SQL Tools. I was asked how you could synchronize multiple cursors into a sing...
06-01-2017 04:24:20 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Basic Python Object
One of my students wanted a quick example of a Python object with getters and setters. So, I wrote a little example that I'll share. You def...
31-10-2016 02:34:23 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash
Create a Python Module
Sometime formal programming documentation is less than clear. At least, it's less than clear until you've written your first solution. The M...
20-10-2016 11:54:40 Michael McLaughlin Mishmash

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