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Book Review: High Performance SQL Server
As SQL Server professionals, we sometimes encounter some issues that we haven't seen before or have seen already but forgot how we fixed the...
03-10-2017 15:37:09 Marlon Ribunal SQL Server
Power BI KPI Report: Hospital Charge Data
The Power BI KPI report is probably on top 10 of the most in-demand use-case for Power BI. In my previous post, I published the report I cre...
16-02-2016 15:39:27 Marlon Ribunal SQL Server
How Much Hospitals Charge For The Same Type Of Cases?
How much hospitals charge for the same type of cases compared with the average across the US and other cities around the world (limited data...
09-02-2016 16:26:20 Marlon Ribunal SQL Server
How to Install Microsoft R Server for Windows
Microsoft R Server, or Revolution R Enterprise (RRE) as it is formally known for now, is basically a platform for advanced analytics designe...
02-02-2016 16:07:15 Marlon Ribunal SQL Server

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