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Upcoming Training: SQL Performance Kick-Start and modern SQL
I haven't blogged here in a while. It doesn't mean Use The Index, Luke! is abandoned or anything the like. Au contraire, I'm having some top...
31-07-2018 13:57:31 Markus Winand Mishmash
Spanish Anyone?
The Spanish translation of my book SQL Performance Explained has just been published. It's the fifth language so far now there's a German, E...
13-11-2017 09:19:03 Markus Winand Mishmash
Big News In Databases — Fall 2017
Don't fall behind: Here's the most important database news from the last six months.SQL on The RiseNoSQL pioneer Google writes that their Sp...
06-11-2017 10:44:13 Markus Winand Mishmash
Big News In Databases — Spring 2017
Here is the most noteworthy news since my last "Big News In Databases" post from November 2016.A new SQL standard was released (SQL:2016)In ...
11-05-2017 17:37:59 Markus Winand Mishmash
Big News In Databases
2016 has seen lots of big news. Also when it comes to databases. Let's have a look at those really BIG news.MySQL and MariaDB become modernF...
28-11-2016 10:43:27 Markus Winand Mishmash
On Uber's Choice of Databases
A few days ago Uber published the article "Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL". I didn't read the article right away becau...
29-07-2016 18:53:03 Markus Winand Mishmash

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