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Using In-Memory Option with SQL Plan Baselines, SQL Profiles and SQL Hints
Oracle database In-Memory option was introduced in patchset. It is great feature to improve performance of analytic queries. For mi...
06-03-2017 10:30:34 Marko Sutic Oracle
Reduce Hard Parse time using SQL Profile
Few days ago we had concurrency problem with "cursor: pin S wait on X" wait event. This wait event is mostly associated with parsing in some...
03-11-2016 22:44:46 Marko Sutic Oracle
Using Adaptive Cursors Sharing with SQL Plan Baselines
We have several databases where automatic capturing of sql plan baselines is enabled for a few schemas. Execution of some queries deeply dep...
28-06-2016 10:35:09 Marko Sutic Oracle
Slow full table scan due to row chaining
Few days ago I've received complaint that simple count on 2 million rows table is running forever. This was the statement: select count(1) f...
24-02-2016 15:34:53 Marko Sutic Oracle
Detecting Soft Corruption on 12c - V$NONLOGGED_BLOCK, ORA-01578/ORA-26040
Last week we have created standby database in our dev environment and performed some ETL actions on primary side. Loading data or rebuilding...
20-02-2016 11:20:44 Marko Sutic Oracle
Unindexed Foreign Keys on empty/unused table and locks
It is widely known that unindexed foreign keys can be performance issue. Unindexed foreign keys on child tables can cause table locks or per...
17-12-2015 05:21:03 Marko Sutic Oracle

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