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HASH GROUP BY not used when using more that 354 aggregate functions
Few days ago we had performance problem with one of our main application views. This was complex view that used a lot of aggregate function....
13-11-2017 15:54:42 Marko Sutic Oracle
Beware of intensive slow query logging when using - log_queries_not_using_indexes
MySQL slow query log is great for identifying slow queries that are good candidates for optimisation. Slow query logging is disabled by defa...
21-10-2017 21:54:52 Marko Sutic Oracle
Enable SSL-encryption for MariaDB Galera Cluster
Imagine you have MariaDB Galera cluster with nodes running in different data centers. Data centers are not connected via secured VPN tunnel....
17-10-2017 13:32:37 Marko Sutic Oracle
Delete large amounts of data on Galera Cluster using pt-archiver
Galera Cluster is excellent virtually synchronous multi-master database cluster. It has many benefits which you can check on GaleraCluster. ...
28-09-2017 13:13:26 Marko Sutic Oracle
Beware of ORA-19721 on 12c using Transportable Tablespace (Oracle changed behavior)
Almost every big database has it's hot data which is used often, and cold data which is rarely touched. From version 9i I have used transpor...
16-09-2017 19:52:42 Marko Sutic Oracle
Using In-Memory Option with SQL Plan Baselines, SQL Profiles and SQL Hints
Oracle database In-Memory option was introduced in patchset. It is great feature to improve performance of analytic queries. For mi...
06-03-2017 10:30:34 Marko Sutic Oracle
Reduce Hard Parse time using SQL Profile
Few days ago we had concurrency problem with "cursor: pin S wait on X" wait event. This wait event is mostly associated with parsing in some...
03-11-2016 22:44:46 Marko Sutic Oracle
Using Adaptive Cursors Sharing with SQL Plan Baselines
We have several databases where automatic capturing of sql plan baselines is enabled for a few schemas. Execution of some queries deeply dep...
28-06-2016 10:35:09 Marko Sutic Oracle
Slow full table scan due to row chaining
Few days ago I've received complaint that simple count on 2 million rows table is running forever. This was the statement: select count(1) f...
24-02-2016 15:34:53 Marko Sutic Oracle
Detecting Soft Corruption on 12c - V$NONLOGGED_BLOCK, ORA-01578/ORA-26040
Last week we have created standby database in our dev environment and performed some ETL actions on primary side. Loading data or rebuilding...
20-02-2016 11:20:44 Marko Sutic Oracle

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