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On becoming a MySQL Teenager
Thirteen years ago today (September 25th, 2005) I joined MySQL AB. At the time they were just about hitting 10 years old themselves, celebra...
25-09-2018 12:46:59 Mark Leith MySQL
Slides for Instrumenting Plugins for Performance Schema, Fosdem 2017
I had great fun at my first Fosdem over the weekend with everybody that turned up to the dev room. Kudos to the organizers there, @lefred, @...
07-02-2017 10:24:05 Mark Leith MySQL
Running MySQL Cluster 7.5 in Docker, part 2
After the heady excitement of getting my first MySQL Cluster 7.5.4 set up nicely running in docker, I quickly discovered that I wanted to re...
28-10-2016 17:33:19 Mark Leith MySQL
Running MySQL Cluster 7.5 in Docker
I've been wanting an easy way to play around with MySQL Cluster lately, the latest 7.5 release is now based on the MySQL 5.7 branch, so it a...
25-10-2016 20:46:41 Mark Leith MySQL
Slides for Oracle OpenWorld and Percona Live Amsterdam, 2016
I've uploaded the slides from my latest talks at OpenWorld and Percona Live, available below. These are mostly an updated version of previou...
10-10-2016 09:59:46 Mark Leith MySQL
MySQL sys version 1.5.1 released
MySQL sys version 1.5.1 has just been released. This is a purely bug fix release, and has been merged in to the upcoming MySQL 5.7.14 releas...
08-07-2016 17:51:00 Mark Leith MySQL
Slides for MySQL Sys Schema Deep Dive, Oracle OpenWorld 2015
Here are the slides for my talk at Oracle OpenWorld 2015: Enjoy!
29-10-2015 13:19:06 Mark Leith MySQL

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