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Updates about upcoming conferences
Summer vacation times are over. Well, for some of us at least, clearly some are still lucky enough to be off, which is showing itself a bit ...
22-08-2018 15:19:47 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
What does it mean to be on the board of PostgreSQL Europe
With the upcoming elections in PostgreSQL Europe, I'm excited to see that we have more candidates than ever before. But during the FOSDEM co...
07-02-2018 18:06:04 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
PGConf.EU 2017 - time for the statistics
For anybody following this blog, you'll know I do this every year. PGConf.EU completed several weeks ago, and we have now collected the stat...
14-11-2017 22:20:56 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL is dead, long live
As Joe just announced, all ftp services at has been shut down. That of course doesn't mean we're not serving files anymor...
15-08-2017 21:24:07 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Setting owner at CREATE TABLE
When you create a table in PostgreSQL, it gets assigned default permissions and a default owner. We can alter the default privileges using t...
17-07-2017 13:41:45 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Logging transactions that dropped tables
In a previous post I discussed a way to find out which transaction dropped a table by examining the transaction log, in order to set a resto...
12-02-2017 14:37:18 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Another couple of steps on my backup crusade
For a while now, I've been annoyed with how difficult it is to set up good backups in PostgreSQL. The difficulty of doing this "right" has p...
16-01-2017 15:13:14 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Financial updates in PostgreSQL Europe
As we say welcome to a new year, we have a couple of updates to the finances and payment handling in PostgreSQL Europe, that will affect our...
02-01-2017 14:34:34 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Mail agents in the PostgreSQL community
A few weeks back, I noticed the following tweet from Michael Paquier: And my first thought was "that can't be right" (spoiler: Turns out it ...
01-01-2017 16:25:22 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
A more secure Planet PostgreSQL
Today, Planet PostgreSQL was switched over from http to https. Previously, https was only used for the logged in portions for blog owners, b...
22-11-2016 21:48:37 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL

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