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PGConf.EU 2017 - time for the statistics
For anybody following this blog, you'll know I do this every year. PGConf.EU completed several weeks ago, and we have now collected the stat...
14-11-2017 22:20:56 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL is dead, long live
As Joe just announced, all ftp services at has been shut down. That of course doesn't mean we're not serving files anymor...
15-08-2017 21:24:07 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Setting owner at CREATE TABLE
When you create a table in PostgreSQL, it gets assigned default permissions and a default owner. We can alter the default privileges using t...
17-07-2017 13:41:45 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Logging transactions that dropped tables
In a previous post I discussed a way to find out which transaction dropped a table by examining the transaction log, in order to set a resto...
12-02-2017 14:37:18 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Another couple of steps on my backup crusade
For a while now, I've been annoyed with how difficult it is to set up good backups in PostgreSQL. The difficulty of doing this "right" has p...
16-01-2017 15:13:14 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Financial updates in PostgreSQL Europe
As we say welcome to a new year, we have a couple of updates to the finances and payment handling in PostgreSQL Europe, that will affect our...
02-01-2017 14:34:34 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Mail agents in the PostgreSQL community
A few weeks back, I noticed the following tweet from Michael Paquier: And my first thought was "that can't be right" (spoiler: Turns out it ...
01-01-2017 16:25:22 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
A more secure Planet PostgreSQL
Today, Planet PostgreSQL was switched over from http to https. Previously, https was only used for the logged in portions for blog owners, b...
22-11-2016 21:48:37 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
PGConf.EU 2016 attendee statistics
It is now about a week since PGConf.EU 2016, and things are slowly returning to normal :) You'll have to wait a while longer for the traditi...
12-11-2016 17:12:54 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL
Locating the recovery point just before a dropped table
A common example when talking about why it's a good thing to be able to do PITR (Point In Time Recovery) is the scenario where somebody or s...
11-07-2016 15:51:56 Magnus Hagander PostgreSQL

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