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Moved to new Blog
Hello my blog readers I have created my own blog with custom url and moved all my existing post there. Please visit hereafter. Also please s...
19-09-2018 15:18:25 Madhivanan SQL Server
Find out columns with no data
Sometimes you may need to find out the fill rate of each column to know the accuracy of given data. One of the things to know is how many co...
31-08-2018 11:01:16 Madhivanan SQL Server
How to count number of words in a sentence?
There was a question on counting number of words in a sentence by my friend One simple method is use while loop as shown below The result is...
31-07-2018 08:25:18 Madhivanan SQL Server
SQL_VARIANT datatype and behaviour changes
When you use sql_variant datatype in sql server 2000, and add data to a table using union all, it will work though datatype of data differs ...
27-06-2018 05:26:37 Madhivanan SQL Server
Question of the month May 2018 – Find out erroneous query
In SQL Server, only one out of the following four SELECT queries will throw an error. What is it? Advertisements
31-05-2018 11:21:45 Madhivanan SQL Server
SQL Server – How to Uniquely identify a row?
Without seeing the table structure,If you are interested in knowing which columns uniquely identify a row in a table, you can use this syste...
30-04-2018 10:32:24 Madhivanan SQL Server
Scripting out Stored Procedures and Functions using Query
One of my friends asked me if there is an way to script out the definitions of stored Procedures and Functions using Query. There can be sev...
30-03-2018 11:09:25 Madhivanan SQL Server
Question of the month February 2018 – Find query that gives different result
In SQL Server server, consider the following queries query 1 : select 12a4; query 2 : select 12e4; query 3 : select 12f4; query 4 : select 1...
28-02-2018 11:51:40 Madhivanan SQL Server
Question of the month January 2018 – What is the practical usage of table with only one identity column?
I wonder why it is possible to create a table with only one column that too with identity property. Have you ever used such a table? What is...
31-01-2018 18:23:52 Madhivanan SQL Server
Happy holidays from T-SQL
Curious to know the result of the following query? All you need to do is, in SQL Server, goto SSMS, set the result mode to Text (Press CTRL+...
29-12-2017 07:55:25 Madhivanan SQL Server

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