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CASE Expression in WHERE Clause
Pinal Dave, Blogger and Speaker, posted about How to Write Case Statement in WHERE Clause? in which he showed a method to skip comparison of...
19-06-2017 09:18:20 Madhivanan SQL Server
How to search specific value in character column of all tables?
Few questions are asked in forums about searching a specific value across all tables in the database stored in character columns (char, varc...
13-06-2017 11:14:08 Madhivanan SQL Server
When is usage of semicolon necessary?
Semicolon is used as a statement terminator in almost all RDBMSs. However the usage of semicolon is optional in SQL Server except for few ca...
05-06-2017 09:46:04 Madhivanan SQL Server
Question of the month May 2017 – Find out the result of select 78.-100_100
What is the result of the following query? Choose the correct answer
31-05-2017 07:32:07 Madhivanan SQL Server
How to import multiple result sets from Stored procedure?
One of my friends asked me if it is possible to load multiple resultsets returned from a stored procedure into a temporary table for some an...
25-05-2017 08:46:55 Madhivanan SQL Server
Find Nth Maximum value
"Find Nth Maximum value" is one of the very popular interview questions. There are several methods to find out the answer. Here are some met...
19-05-2017 11:08:44 Madhivanan SQL Server
ODBC scalar functions – DATE , TIME and Interval functions
You know very well how to return current date and time using getdate() function. Did you know that there exists ODBC function to return the ...
05-05-2017 11:30:36 Madhivanan SQL Server
Question of the month April 2017 – Why does GO throw error in Dynamic SQL and not in static SQL?
Execute the following code It produces following two result sets Now the same code executed as Dynamic SQL, throws the following error. The ...
27-04-2017 10:11:45 Madhivanan SQL Server
Column alias in SQL Server – Always precede with keyword AS
In SQL Server, a column alias can be specified in several ways. Look at the following example The result is Now as you see the column alias ...
20-04-2017 09:14:22 Madhivanan SQL Server
Row_number() Function with no specific order
You knwo that Row_number() function is used to generate row number to rows based on the column which is ordered What if you want to generate...
31-03-2017 13:53:21 Madhivanan SQL Server

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