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MySQL – Simple ways to know version number with @@version and version()
If you want to know the version number of MySQL server, there are two simple methods available. You can use system variable @@VERSION as sho...
20-10-2017 08:14:48 Madhivanan SQL Server
MySQL – Concatenate column values for each group with GROUP_CONCAT function
As I said in my earlier posts, MySQL has some interesting features that make the things simpler. GROUP_CONCAT is one of such functions This ...
16-10-2017 08:02:36 Madhivanan SQL Server
MySQL – UPSERT in a single statement
MySQL, an opensource RDBMS, has lot of interesting features. One of them is ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement. This statement adds a new row...
10-10-2017 12:07:07 Madhivanan SQL Server
Alias name should be preceded by "AS"
In my earlier post on Understanding Column alias I have shown different methods of using a column alias name As you see all works fine with ...
25-09-2017 12:22:32 Madhivanan SQL Server
Adding time values stored as numbers
One of my friends told me that he had a data set in which numbers are expressed in decimal format. For example 3.45 means 3 hours and 45 min...
19-09-2017 09:43:18 Madhivanan SQL Server
How to know the start time of SQL Server?
One of my friends asked me "How do I find out when the SQL Server is started/restarted?" Well. There can be many ways to know this. The two ...
11-09-2017 10:31:31 Madhivanan SQL Server
Question of the month August 2017 – Can you guess the output of EXEC(‘select """"')?
Can you guess the output of this query without actually executing it? Answers
30-08-2017 09:17:01 Madhivanan SQL Server
usage of CTE and maxrecursion option in view
You know that it is possible to use Common Table Expression in a View. But some people wonder why the following is not possible. Let us crea...
22-08-2017 08:25:25 Madhivanan SQL Server
Use IN clause with care
IN clause can be used as a JOIN to get data by matching the column values from other table. Although this is much similar to INNER JOIN, be ...
16-08-2017 09:21:17 Madhivanan SQL Server
Avoid view creation with "SELECT *"
A view is very useful in giving out only the required/restricted information to the users. However see what happens when you create a view w...
09-08-2017 10:07:36 Madhivanan SQL Server

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