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Question of the month November 2017 – How do leading dots of table work in SQL Server?
In SQL Server, let us consider the following data set Now execute the following query The result is 10 The question is "How do leading dots ...
29-11-2017 07:05:32 Madhivanan SQL Server
MySQL – Functions to get current date and time
You may often need to do some data filters based on the current date and time. In MySQL you can use the system functions available to get cu...
20-11-2017 10:19:16 Madhivanan SQL Server
MySQL – How to create random number with fixed length?
One of my friends asked me "How do I create a 10 digit random number?" MySQL supports RAND() system function which can produce a random numb...
06-11-2017 11:58:40 Madhivanan SQL Server
Question of the month October 2017 – What is the use of underscores in comparison?
In MySQL, Let us consider the following example SELECT * FOM table WHERE col like _____' What is the use of underscores here? How does it wo...
26-10-2017 05:13:43 Madhivanan SQL Server
MySQL – Simple ways to know version number with @@version and version()
If you want to know the version number of MySQL server, there are two simple methods available. You can use system variable @@VERSION as sho...
20-10-2017 08:14:48 Madhivanan SQL Server
MySQL – Concatenate column values for each group with GROUP_CONCAT function
As I said in my earlier posts, MySQL has some interesting features that make the things simpler. GROUP_CONCAT is one of such functions This ...
16-10-2017 08:02:36 Madhivanan SQL Server
MySQL – UPSERT in a single statement
MySQL, an opensource RDBMS, has lot of interesting features. One of them is ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement. This statement adds a new row...
10-10-2017 12:07:07 Madhivanan SQL Server
Alias name should be preceded by "AS"
In my earlier post on Understanding Column alias I have shown different methods of using a column alias name As you see all works fine with ...
25-09-2017 12:22:32 Madhivanan SQL Server
Adding time values stored as numbers
One of my friends told me that he had a data set in which numbers are expressed in decimal format. For example 3.45 means 3 hours and 45 min...
19-09-2017 09:43:18 Madhivanan SQL Server
How to know the start time of SQL Server?
One of my friends asked me "How do I find out when the SQL Server is started/restarted?" Well. There can be many ways to know this. The two ...
11-09-2017 10:31:31 Madhivanan SQL Server

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