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Diving into Spark and Parquet Workloads, by Example
Topic: In this post you can find a few simple examples illustrating important features of Spark when reading partitioned tables stored in Pa...
30-06-2017 09:29:34 Luca Canali Oracle
On Measuring Apache Spark Workload Metrics for Performance Troubleshooting
Topic: This post is about measuring Apache Spark workload metrics for performance investigations. In particular you can find the description...
29-03-2017 22:08:45 Luca Canali Oracle
IPython/Jupyter SQL Magic Functions for PySpark
Topic: this post is about a simple implementation with examples of IPython custom magic functions for running SQL in Apache Spark using PySp...
21-11-2016 15:27:25 Luca Canali Oracle
Spark 2.0 Performance Improvements Investigated With Flame Graphs
Topic: This post is about performance optimizations introduced in Apache Spark 2.0, in particular whole-stage code generation. A test case i...
15-09-2016 17:37:43 Luca Canali Oracle
A Neural Network Scoring Engine in PL/SQL
Topic: In this post, you will find an example of how to build and deploy a basic artificial neural network scoring engine using PL/SQL for r...
26-07-2016 10:21:17 Luca Canali Oracle
IPython/Jupyter Notebooks for Oracle
Topic: In this short post you can find examples of how to use IPython/Jupyter notebooks for running SQL on Oracle. IPython/Jupyter notebooks...
13-06-2016 10:30:52 Luca Canali Oracle
Linux BPF/bcc for Oracle Tracing
Topic: In this post you will find a short discussion and pointers to the code of a few sample scripts that I have written using Linux BPF/bc...
31-05-2016 17:36:14 Luca Canali Oracle
IPython Notebooks for Querying Apache Impala
Topic: in this post you can find examples of how to get started with using IPython/Jupyter notebooks for querying Apache Impala. Apache Impa...
27-04-2016 09:12:29 Luca Canali Oracle
SystemTap Guru Mode and Oracle SQL Parsing
Introduction and motivations SystemTap and dynamic tracing tools in general give administrators great control on their systems with the rela...
29-03-2016 22:34:24 Luca Canali Oracle
PerfSheet.js: Oracle AWR Data Visualization in the Browser with JavaScript Pivot Charts
PerfSheet.js is a tool aimed at DBAs and Oracle performance analysts. It provides a simplified interface to extract and visualize AWR time s...
25-02-2016 20:15:20 Luca Canali Oracle

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