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SparkMeasure, a tool for performance troubleshooting of Apache Spark workloads
SparkMeasure SparkMeasure simplifies the collection and analysis of Spark task metrics data. It is also intended as a working example of how...
24-08-2018 09:26:36 Luca Canali Oracle
Performance Analysis of a CPU-Intensive Workload in Apache Spark
Topic: This post is about techniques and tools for measuring and understanding CPU-bound and memory-bound workloads in Apache Spark. You wil...
29-09-2017 22:48:30 Luca Canali Oracle
Apache Spark and CERN Open Data Analysis, an Example
This is a short post introducing a notebook that you can use to play with a simple analysis of High Energy Physics (HEP) data using CERN ope...
30-08-2017 09:17:01 Luca Canali Oracle
Diving into Spark and Parquet Workloads, by Example
Topic: In this post you can find a few simple examples illustrating important features of Spark when reading partitioned tables stored in Pa...
30-06-2017 09:29:34 Luca Canali Oracle
On Measuring Apache Spark Workload Metrics for Performance Troubleshooting
Topic: This post is about measuring Apache Spark workload metrics for performance investigations. In particular you can find the description...
29-03-2017 22:08:45 Luca Canali Oracle
IPython/Jupyter SQL Magic Functions for PySpark
Topic: this post is about a simple implementation with examples of IPython custom magic functions for running SQL in Apache Spark using PySp...
21-11-2016 15:27:25 Luca Canali Oracle
Spark 2.0 Performance Improvements Investigated With Flame Graphs
Topic: This post is about performance optimizations introduced in Apache Spark 2.0, in particular whole-stage code generation. A test case i...
15-09-2016 17:37:43 Luca Canali Oracle
A Neural Network Scoring Engine in PL/SQL
Topic: In this post, you will find an example of how to build and deploy a basic artificial neural network scoring engine using PL/SQL for r...
26-07-2016 10:21:17 Luca Canali Oracle
IPython/Jupyter Notebooks for Oracle
Topic: In this short post you can find examples of how to use IPython/Jupyter notebooks for running SQL on Oracle. IPython/Jupyter notebooks...
13-06-2016 10:30:52 Luca Canali Oracle
Linux BPF/bcc for Oracle Tracing
Topic: In this post you will find a short discussion and pointers to the code of a few sample scripts that I have written using Linux BPF/bc...
31-05-2016 17:36:14 Luca Canali Oracle

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