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On Contempt Culture, a Reply to Aurynn Shaw
I saw an interesting presentation recorded and delivered on LinkedIn on contempt culture by Aurynn Shaw, delivered this year at PyCon. I had...
10-08-2017 08:26:03 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL at 10TB and Beyond Recorded Talk
The PostgreSQL at 10 TB And Beyond talk has now been released on Youtube. Feel free to watch. For the folks seeing this on Planet Perl Iron ...
13-02-2017 11:40:57 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
PL/Perl and Large PostgreSQL Databases
One of the topics discussed in the large database talk is the way we used PL/Perl to solve some data variety problems in terms of extracting...
26-01-2017 14:14:13 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL at 10 TB and Above
I have been invited to give a talk on PostgreSQL at 10TB and above in Malmo, Sweden. The seminar is free to attend. I expect to be talking f...
24-01-2017 18:56:34 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
What Git got Right and Wrong
Having been using various vcs solutions for a while, I think it is worth noting that my least favorite from a user experience perspective is...
11-12-2016 16:09:41 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL vs Hadoop
So one of the folks I do work with is moving a large database from PostgreSQL to Hadoop. The reasons are sound -- volume and velocity are ma...
19-08-2016 08:20:21 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
Forthcoming new scalable job queue extension
So for those of you who know, I now spend most of my time doing more general PostgreSQL consulting and a fair bit of time still on LedgerSMB...
14-08-2016 11:06:16 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
use lib '.' considered harmful (exploits discussed)
Which the discussion of CVE-2016-1238, a quick and easy fix for broken code that has been suggested is to add the following line to the top ...
05-08-2016 19:14:09 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL, PL/Perl, and CVE-2016-1238
This post is about the dangers in writing user defined functions in untrusted languages, but it is also specifically about how to avoid CVE-...
03-08-2016 07:14:10 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
CVE-2016-1238 and the hazards of testing frameworks
Because I have lost confidence in the approach taken by those in charge of fixing this problem, I have decided to do a full disclosure serie...
02-08-2016 08:40:01 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL

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