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default listener port
Long time ago, Maxime Yuen registered 1521 for nCube License Manager. By googling I found : Ellison cleans house at nCube, and since them 15...
10-07-2017 19:51:09 Laurent Schneider Oracle
lock sys
In the old days, locking sys had not much effect. SQL> alter user sys identified by *** account lock; User altered. SQL> select account_stat...
19-06-2017 16:04:52 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Single-Tenant over bequeath connections
If you follow Oracle recommendation to use SingleTenant CDB instead of Non-CDB, then a lot of things will break. I won't go into details, bu...
14-06-2017 17:47:46 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Legacy users get ORA-01017 in 12.2
10g value string disappeared
22-05-2017 17:58:55 Laurent Schneider Oracle
remote transaction timeout
If you access one table via database link and the row is locked, you may get a timeout SQL> update emp@l set sal=sal+1 where ename='SCOTT'; ...
05-05-2017 15:18:35 Laurent Schneider Oracle
ANNOUNCEMENT: 12cR2 is available on AIX and HPUX and #sqldev 4.2
download it from sqldeveloper 4.2 is there :
13-04-2017 18:21:34 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Monitor audit_file_dest !
Until 11.2, audit_file_dest used to remain small with default settings and reasonably sized and active database. Suddenly, in 12c, you will ...
28-03-2017 21:05:39 Laurent Schneider Oracle
connect / as sysoper generates ORA-1017
Today I had the issue that I could not login as sysoper on one database, despite being in the dba and oper groups. The problem is that the o...
28-03-2017 14:29:23 Laurent Schneider Oracle
old jdbc driver generates ORA-28040
I read on note 401934.1 that Oracle 10gR2 jdbc clients are still supported with Oracle 12c. I have an application using an oracle10gr2 jdbc,...
16-03-2017 15:27:06 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Restricted sqlplus and sql_script
Yesterday I wrote about execute sql script from plsql. Connor then posted a 12c new feature that I overviewed @laurentsch Or perhaps just us...
22-12-2016 16:22:36 Laurent Schneider Oracle

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