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check invalid directories
To get the status of a directory, I wrote my own function, which uses DBMS_LOB.FILEEXISTS. CREATE FUNCTION status (DIRECTORY_NAME VARCHAR2) ...
27-09-2017 18:23:36 Laurent Schneider Oracle
check invalid database link for the DBA
followup of check invalid database link If you need to check db link in another schema, you need to create code that run with that schema. b...
27-09-2017 11:49:10 Laurent Schneider Oracle
check invalid database link
If one database link is invalid, you cannot select through it SQL> select * from dual@z; select * from dual@z * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02019: ...
26-09-2017 10:40:19 Laurent Schneider Oracle
list targets
$p=new XML::Parser;$p->setHandle rs(Start=>&b);$p->parsefi le("-");sub b{($i,$e,%a)=@_;if($e eq"Target"){print$a{"NAME "}.":".$a{"TYPE"}}} l...
21-09-2017 18:35:19 Laurent Schneider Oracle
sid and pluggable
I wrote about SID there. (CONNECT_DATA=(SID=DB01)) is undocumented since Oracle 11gR1 and breaks things with multi-tenant / single-tenant. Y...
08-09-2017 11:26:27 Laurent Schneider Oracle
default listener port
Long time ago, Maxime Yuen registered 1521 for nCube License Manager. By googling I found : Ellison cleans house at nCube, and since them 15...
10-07-2017 19:51:09 Laurent Schneider Oracle
lock sys
In the old days, locking sys had not much effect. SQL> alter user sys identified by *** account lock; User altered. SQL> select account_stat...
19-06-2017 16:04:52 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Single-Tenant over bequeath connections
If you follow Oracle recommendation to use SingleTenant CDB instead of Non-CDB, then a lot of things will break. I won't go into details, bu...
14-06-2017 17:47:46 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Legacy users get ORA-01017 in 12.2
10g value string disappeared
22-05-2017 17:58:55 Laurent Schneider Oracle
remote transaction timeout
If you access one table via database link and the row is locked, you may get a timeout SQL> update emp@l set sal=sal+1 where ename='SCOTT'; ...
05-05-2017 15:18:35 Laurent Schneider Oracle

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