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Privileges on a view
Granting too many privileges on a view could be disastrous. A view is often used as a security element; you grant access to only a subset of...
16-10-2018 10:37:22 Laurent Schneider Oracle
super-long-lines in CLOB
Sometimes you use sqlplus and your line is longer than your linesize SQL> select n||';'||x from t2; 1;one 2;twoPxMQztzLaqjWjGKOXIVI VrrHC fJ...
26-09-2018 15:09:23 Laurent Schneider Oracle
in doubt transaction
Distributed transactions allows you to have multiple DML's over multiple databases within a single transaction For instance, one local and o...
23-09-2018 09:33:31 Laurent Schneider Oracle
How to migrate non-cdb to pdb
In case you are desesperately looking for an upgrade from non-cdb to pdb with two clicks, here is the answer from Mike : you can't Nope not ...
29-08-2018 19:02:13 Laurent Schneider Oracle
powershell code signing
Unix users don't use this. Maybe some java developers do. But no Unix sysadmins. Never. On Windows, things are getting more secure every rel...
20-08-2018 14:47:58 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Single Tenant duplicates
I recently reported an issue regarding single tenant. In old-time non-cdb, the SID used to be unique on a server. If you connect to srv01:po...
13-07-2018 19:50:17 Laurent Schneider Oracle
disallow pseudo terminal in ssh
Some Oracle documentation wants you to setup ssh with no password and no passphrase. Configuring ssh This is not really something your secur...
13-07-2018 13:17:13 Laurent Schneider Oracle
dynamic linesize in 18.1
Whenever you select and describe in sqlplus it looks ugly default: pagesize 14 linesize 80 change the default: it is often too large or too ...
11-05-2018 13:57:18 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Right to be Forgotten
One of the major change of privacy law effective next month is the right to get forgotten. I welcome this change and don't keep information ...
23-04-2018 21:47:53 Laurent Schneider Oracle
I wrote a few odbc articles using ODBCCONF in my blog, so I edit them because ODBCCONF will be removed; read Using Powershell Add-OdbcDsn is...
12-04-2018 13:12:05 Laurent Schneider Oracle

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