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Optimizing the Performance & Scalability of Java Applications that use an RDBMS
PreambleThere is an abundant literature on Java performance (books, articles, blogs, websites, and so on); a Google search returns more than...
29-03-2018 20:28:54 Kuassi Mensah Oracle
Slides of my JavaOne and OOW 2017 sessions
The slides of my recommended JavaOne 2017 and OOW2017 sessions are available here.
07-11-2017 05:21:20 Kuassi Mensah Oracle
My Sessions Recommendations for JavaOne and Oracle Open World 2017
Good Day, JavaOne, and Oracle Open World are 4 exactly weeks away. Here are some sessions related to Java, JDBC, OJVM (database embedded JVM...
04-09-2017 20:13:50 Kuassi Mensah Oracle
Carbonated Java & JavaScript Stored Procedures
Carbonated Java Stored ProceduresFor accessing JSON Collections and documents without any knowledge of SQL, Oracle furnishes the SODA for Ja...
27-05-2017 00:56:19 Kuassi Mensah Oracle
What's in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 for Java & JavaScript Developers?
Here is the summary of New Java & JavaScript Features in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Cloud and on-Premise Java 8: Java 8 in JDBC/UCP an...
03-03-2017 03:54:11 Kuassi Mensah Oracle
My Talks/Sessions at UKOUG Tech16
Hi guys, If you plan to attend UKOUG Tech16, please check out my talks.sessions Sunday 12/04 16:10 New JDBC & UCP Perf, Scalability & HA fea...
02-12-2016 20:53:51 Kuassi Mensah Oracle
REST Enable Java or JavaScript in the Database
REST Enable Java or JavaScript in the DatabaseThe Oracle REST Data Service (ORDS) allows you to turn Java stored procedures or JavaScript st...
10-11-2016 00:17:20 Kuassi Mensah Oracle

JavaScript in Oracle Database 12c Release 2JSR 223 introduced the idea of Scripting for the Java platform. Java 8 furnishes the Nashorn Java...
09-11-2016 17:36:32 Kuassi Mensah Oracle

JavaOne and OOW 2016: You Don't Want to Miss These Sessions If you are attending JavaOne and/or Oracle OpenWorld, here are my sessions recom...
17-08-2016 21:06:59 Kuassi Mensah Oracle

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