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SQLintersection Fall 2017 – 4 weeks to go!
As we head towards our 10th SQLintersection in four weeks, we're excited to say that it's once again our most diverse, complete, and informa...
01-10-2017 17:34:36 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
SQLskills SQL101: Partitioning
Continuing on our path to understanding the basics and core concepts, there's a big topic that's often greatly misunderstood and that's part...
28-03-2017 10:50:16 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
SQLskills SQL101: Indexes on Foreign Keys
As many of you know, we started our SQLskills SQL101 series a couple of weeks ago it's been great fun for the whole team to go back through ...
21-03-2017 16:26:43 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
SQLskills SQL101: Indexing Basics
SQLskills introduced our new SQL101 recently and well indexing is something that everyone needs to get right. But, it's not a simple task. A...
14-03-2017 04:54:31 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
Work-Life-Balance and Alternative-Obsessions
Over the past few years, Paul and I have worked to get to a point where we can work with SQL but also satisfy our urge to explore (and dive!...
07-03-2017 19:37:53 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
USE THIS: sp_helpindex
Since I've rewritten sp_helpindex a few times, I have a few blogs posts in this category. Each time I do an update I'll make the NEW version...
28-02-2017 09:24:26 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
SQLskills SQL101: Stored Procedures
Sometimes going back-to-the-basics is the best thing to do to fully understand something. Some of us have been doing things in a certain way...
22-02-2017 18:56:07 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
Explicitly naming CL key columns in NC indexes – when and why
This morning, as I was prepping for my PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter presentation on "Why Physical Database Design Matters," I went...
10-02-2017 02:01:09 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
Setting CE TraceFlags on a query-by-query (or session) basis
While the new cardinality estimator can offer benefits for some queries, it might not be perfect for ALL queries. Having said that, there is...
20-06-2016 18:24:51 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server
New features plus excellent tips & tricks – 2016 is looking great!
There are so many exciting things going on this year and it's just getting started! If I'm being honest, I haven't been as excited for a new...
23-02-2016 20:39:29 Kimberly L. Tripp SQL Server

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