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Collation in 12cR2 - when AA equals Å (or not?)
Collation in Oracle 12cR2 gives some more finegrained possibilities for setting up how your data is to sorted and compared linguistically. A...
29-05-2017 16:26:33 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Results of Oracle Dev Gym SQL Annual Championship for 2016
March 29th 2017 a group of 35 database developers competed in the Oracle Dev Gym SQL Annual Championship for the top ranked players of 2016....
05-04-2017 18:58:49 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
String to DATE conversion and validation in 12.2
A new little feature in Oracle Database 12.2 is, that you can convert strings to dates without worrying about exception handling. (That goes...
05-04-2017 09:43:06 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Temporal validity and open/closed intervals
A short while ago I created a SQL quiz for Oracle Dev Gym (PL/SQL Challenge) demonstrating the use of temporal validity and VERSIONS PERIOD ...
23-01-2017 09:56:20 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Announcing the SQL Annual Championship for 2016
I've been making SQL quizzes for years now over at the Oracle Dev Gym (or PL/SQL Challenge as it started out as.) Every year I really have t...
19-01-2017 17:15:37 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
A handful of articles
A little while ago a member of the Danish Oracle User Group DOUG asked if anyone had a bit of experience with use of R together with Oracle ...
05-11-2016 12:31:07 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
OTN Appreciation Day : GeoJSON and SDO_GEOMETRY marriage in Oracle 12.2
The native JSON functionality in Oracle Database version 12.2 has evolved quite a bit since the JSON functions first appeared in Oracle Data...
11-10-2016 09:00:38 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Sunday speaking at Oracle OpenWorld 2016
You all know Oracle OpenWorld, right? It's a behemoth of a conference filling up the streets and hotels of San Francisco with many thousands...
12-08-2016 12:01:51 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Oracle Documentation permalink creation
Tim Hall of ORACLE-BASE spoke for a lot of people when he (yet again) wrote about Oracle Documentation links changing all the time. There ex...
09-05-2016 17:08:42 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
OUGN Spring Conference 2016
I'm back after one of the best ocean voyages ever - the OUGN Spring Conference 2016. That conference is arranged by Oracle User Group Norway...
15-03-2016 12:40:26 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle

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