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SQL Magic Squares - or Why the Optimizer does not like Magic
A long-time player at the Oracle Dev Gym tried his hand at generating Magic Squares using SQL. When he attempted to tune his statement a bit...
13-02-2018 23:09:56 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Announcing participants in Oracle Dev Gym SQL Championship 2017
Another year, another Oracle Dev Gym SQL Annual Championship. Woohoo! Players have exercised their mental muscles with the SQL puzzles throu...
12-01-2018 09:26:06 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Object type "nested" implicit grants
A colleague got an "ORA-01720: grant option does not exist" error and couldn't understand why. So together we researched a bit and learned s...
21-12-2017 10:14:18 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
ODC Appreciation Day: Cursor Variables
You know everything is Tim Halls fault, right? Including this blog post? Oh yes it is, he came up with the idea of OTN ODC Appreciation Day ...
10-10-2017 06:57:28 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Avoiding reinventing the wheel - use MULTISET EXCEPT to get set relative complement
Today in an application I stumbled upon a PL/SQL function created to return those elements of one nested table that did not exist in another...
28-09-2017 15:46:32 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Partitioning external tables in 12.2
One of the new features in Oracle 12.2 is partitioning of external tables - a quite useful feature if you have multiple identical files of d...
19-08-2017 12:23:26 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Collation in 12cR2 - when AA equals Å (or not?)
Collation in Oracle 12cR2 gives some more finegrained possibilities for setting up how your data is to sorted and compared linguistically. A...
29-05-2017 16:26:33 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Results of Oracle Dev Gym SQL Annual Championship for 2016
March 29th 2017 a group of 35 database developers competed in the Oracle Dev Gym SQL Annual Championship for the top ranked players of 2016....
05-04-2017 18:58:49 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
String to DATE conversion and validation in 12.2
A new little feature in Oracle Database 12.2 is, that you can convert strings to dates without worrying about exception handling. (That goes...
05-04-2017 09:43:06 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle
Temporal validity and open/closed intervals
A short while ago I created a SQL quiz for Oracle Dev Gym (PL/SQL Challenge) demonstrating the use of temporal validity and VERSIONS PERIOD ...
23-01-2017 09:56:20 Kim Berg Hansen Oracle

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