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Recently someone mentioned the LOADHISTORY option of RESTORE. It's not horribly hard to find in BOL but it wasn't the ... Continue reading
18-07-2018 16:04:31 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Counting NULLs
Recently I was doing one of Kendra Little's (b/t) SQL Server quizzes. Specifically the Quiz: COUNT() in SQL Server. As ... Continue reading
16-07-2018 15:48:58 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Balancing Security Concerns.
I have a presentation I do every now again on security basics that I'm actually quite proud of. One of ... Continue reading
12-07-2018 15:45:35 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Code I'd Hate To Live Without: T-SQL Tuesday #104
It's TSQL Tuesday again! This time our respected host is Bert Wagner (b/t). Quick aside, if you haven't seen his ... Continue reading
10-07-2018 16:20:19 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
SQL Homework – July 2018 – Create a SQL Agent Job
For this month's homework let's try something a bit different. SQL Agent jobs are a very powerful tool frequently used ... Continue reading
02-07-2018 15:10:17 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
SQL Puzzle – FizzBuzz3d
I thought for the end of the month it would be fun to do another T-SQL Puzzle. In this case ... Continue reading
27-06-2018 16:14:54 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Be our guest, be our guest, put our database to the test.
When I think of the public role I often think of the guest database principal (user) at the same time. ... Continue reading
25-06-2018 15:30:34 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Strings vs Identifiers
A common mistake, and one I make frequently myself is to use a string in place of an identifier, or ... Continue reading
20-06-2018 15:05:37 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Misleading errors: "Server is configured for Windows authentication only." But it's not!
In general, the errors SQL gives are highly useful. Of course every now and again you get one that's just ... Continue reading
18-06-2018 15:01:46 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
The identity column, the insert and the linked server.
tl;dr; When doing an insert across a linked server you have to include the list of fields to be inserted ... Continue reading
14-06-2018 16:17:48 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server

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