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Parameterized dynamic SQL is parameterized.
Ok, that title sounds silly, but it's actually a real point. The first parameterized refers to using parameters within dynamic ... Continue ...
15-11-2018 16:10:03 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
T-shaped knowledge and learning about the cloud: T-SQL Tuesday #108
Upper management at my company has started asking for something called T-Shaped knowledge. The idea is that we have a ... Continue reading
13-11-2018 16:20:18 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Missing those we've lost
It's the start of Summit for many of us (not me, sorry) and it seemed like a good time to ... Continue reading
07-11-2018 15:43:14 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
SQL Homework – November 2018 – Constraints
You've created tables before but how about constraints? Constraints allow a finer level of control over what data is allowed ... Continue re...
05-11-2018 16:18:04 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Zombie SQL
It Halloween so time for a scary SQL story. Ok, maybe not that scary. Ok, not scary at all, but ... Continue reading
31-10-2018 14:04:05 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Blogger Questions: What if I get a mean/rude comment?
There is a fear that almost every blogger has to overcome. I'll be honest, it pops up almost every time ... Continue reading
29-10-2018 15:00:12 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
I'm in a book! Data Professionals at Work
A while back a friend of mine, Malathi Mahadevan (b/t), asked me if I'd like to do an interview for ... Continue reading
24-10-2018 16:10:51 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
How do I look at my error log if SQL won't open?
Quick and easy post today. Hopefully you've opened the error log on a SQL instance. However, what happens if you ... Continue reading
22-10-2018 15:23:37 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
What is the Object Explorer Details tab good for?
For a long time there I would see the Object Explorer Details tab show up when I opened SSMS (SQL ... Continue reading
17-10-2018 16:17:52 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Highlighting sp_spaceused
I've been using sp_spaceused a lot recently so I thought I would bring it up again. Basically it's a quick ... Continue reading
16-10-2018 10:38:53 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server

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