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Updateable CTEs
CTEs are cool things. You can essentially create one or more in-line view(s) within your query. One thing that isn't ... Continue reading
18-10-2017 16:06:49 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Permissions required for developing with Temporal Tables
Temporal tables are one of those new (2016+) cool features that recently came across my desk. Basically, a temporal table ... Continue readi...
16-10-2017 16:00:49 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
sys.objects VS helper functions (OBJECT_ID, OBJECT_NAME, etc)
I've you've done much work with the system views (DMVs for example) then you've had to translate an object_id into ... Continue reading
11-10-2017 15:15:03 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Small identity columns
We frequently talk about dealing with outgrowing INT identity columns. What we don't talk about all that often is small ... Continue reading...
09-10-2017 15:34:07 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
The Alpha and the Omega. The BEGIN and the END.
The BEGIN/END block is a fairly standard thing if you've ever done any coding, but it never hurts to do ... Continue reading
04-10-2017 15:33:34 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Haunted SQL
I decided that for Halloween this year it would be fun to tell SQL ghost stories. When I tweeted about ... Continue reading
03-10-2017 05:01:15 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
SQL Homework – October 2017 – Sample/Test Database(s)
Last month your homework was to set up your own lab. Now it's time to put a sample database or ... Continue reading
02-10-2017 15:47:58 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
SQL Puzzle – Prime Numbers
My goal here is to have something fun (and hopefully educational/thinky) (and yes, I did just make up the word ... Continue reading
27-09-2017 15:50:02 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Saving and restoring session options settings
There are a fair number of options settings. ANSI_NULLS, ARITHABORT, QUOTED_IDENTIFIER, etc. Each session has its own set of configurations....
25-09-2017 16:16:42 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Do what I say, not what I do
I told you not to use NOLOCK even though I use it sometimes. I told you not to shrink databases, ... Continue reading
20-09-2017 16:10:40 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server

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