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Exploring system tables, views, SPs etc
I wanted to spend a few minutes highlighting a couple of important tools for figuring out what information you have ... Continue reading
18-04-2018 15:12:00 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
I've gotten a transaction log full error but when I look it's not full??
Every now and again I'll get an error telling me a transaction log is full. This can be for any ... Continue reading
16-04-2018 16:16:41 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Deleting a lot of data
I recently had the task of deleting a bit over a billion rows from a table. Now I could have ... Continue reading
12-04-2018 15:52:46 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Exploring permissions with sp_DBPermissions and sp_SrvPermissions : TSQL Tuesday 101
Our host for T-SQL Tuesday this month is Jens Vestergaard (b/t) and he has asked about our favorite SSMS tool. ... Continue reading
10-04-2018 15:49:50 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
SSMS's Dark Theme
There has been talk of a dark theme for SSMS for years. Does it exist, will it exist? Well, the ... Continue reading
04-04-2018 15:18:30 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
SQL Homework – April 2018 – Indexes
This month we are going to look at a topic near and dear to both database developers and database administrators ... Continue reading
02-04-2018 15:20:03 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
What's the difference between Files and Filegroups?
tl;dr; Filegroups are a logical construct used to separate tables and indexes from each other, files are the physical construct ... Continue...
28-03-2018 16:19:09 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Introducing The Blame Game
Introducing the Blame Game! Someone has messed up the new anatomy application's (Mr. Body) performance and no one is willing ... Continue re...
26-03-2018 16:11:23 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
Moving a table using BCP and native format
You need to move a table from one instance to another with the following requirements: The instances are on separate ... Continue reading
21-03-2018 14:21:24 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
GDPR – After the restore
I joined in on an interesting conversation the other day on twitter. It was about some unusual ramifications of GDPR ... Continue reading
19-03-2018 14:25:42 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server

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