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Export MySQL database table to CSV (delimited / Excel) file
Today lets talk a little about converting a MySQL table to CSV (Excel). My friend was looking to export MySQL to Excel, I saw couple of ques...
30-01-2018 13:26:24 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
A tale of Corrupt InnoDB table, MySQL crash & recovery
I'm going to narrate you a story that happened around a crashing MyQL, Corrupted InnoDB table and finally the recovery by table restore. We ...
18-01-2018 16:08:31 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Linux shell script: Pause a process with kill signals
In this post we will see how to pause and start a linux process using signals (SIGTSTP and SIGCONT) via kill command.
09-01-2018 15:27:36 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Decoding Siebel Audit Trail with PLSQL
Siebel Audit Trail is feature in Siebel CRM which allows customer to track changes to important UI fields. Though it is very useful feature,...
14-12-2017 12:25:11 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Reset root password on Galera Cluster (Percona or MariaDB)
Reset MySQL root password for Galera Cluster ( Percona Xtradb / MariaDB )
11-04-2017 10:35:37 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
MySQL to Galera Cluster Migration, Deadlock, Back to basics
This post is a lab experiment learning from migration to the Percona Xtradb Cluster (Galera) and a very unexpected DEADLOCK scenario which t...
02-03-2017 14:45:52 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Restoring MySQL Database from xtrabackup – facepalm moments
Learning from facepalm moments of a MySQL database restore from Percona Xtrabackup.
13-06-2016 16:07:23 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
corrupted / crashed MyISAM + mysql_repair_threads = stuck “Repair with N threads”
This post explains on the usage of mysql_repair_threads for repairing myisam table & the processlist status "Repair with N threads"
07-12-2015 06:25:49 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Fixing inconsistency on MySQL Slave of Galera Cluster
This blog post explores the syncing options for an inconsistent MySQL slave of Galera cluster node using pt-table-sync
04-12-2015 02:40:19 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Setting-up second mysql instance & replication on Linux in 10 steps
This is a quick setup guide of 10-steps to install and configure (multiple) MySQL instance on 3307 port, and make it slave from MySQL runnin...
04-11-2015 06:59:09 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL

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