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Reset root password on Galera Cluster (Percona or MariaDB)
Reset MySQL root password for Galera Cluster ( Percona Xtradb / MariaDB )
11-04-2017 10:35:37 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
MySQL to Galera Cluster Migration, Deadlock, Back to basics
This post is a lab experiment learning from migration to the Percona Xtradb Cluster (Galera) and a very unexpected DEADLOCK scenario which t...
02-03-2017 14:45:52 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Restoring MySQL Database from xtrabackup – facepalm moments
Learning from facepalm moments of a MySQL database restore from Percona Xtrabackup.
13-06-2016 16:07:23 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
corrupted / crashed MyISAM + mysql_repair_threads = stuck “Repair with N threads”
This post explains on the usage of mysql_repair_threads for repairing myisam table & the processlist status "Repair with N threads"
07-12-2015 06:25:49 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Fixing inconsistency on MySQL Slave of Galera Cluster
This blog post explores the syncing options for an inconsistent MySQL slave of Galera cluster node using pt-table-sync
04-12-2015 02:40:19 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
Setting-up second mysql instance & replication on Linux in 10 steps
This is a quick setup guide of 10-steps to install and configure (multiple) MySQL instance on 3307 port, and make it slave from MySQL runnin...
04-11-2015 06:59:09 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL
pt-table-checksum & Waiting to check replicas for differences: 0% 00:00 remain
This post discuss the pt-table-checksum & error "Waiting to check replicas for differences: 0% 00:00 remain" with a use-case and solution.
19-10-2015 15:51:17 Kedar Vaijanapurkar MySQL

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