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Azure Machine Learning 101
I just wanted to let you know about a free webinar I'll be giving as part of Redgate's SQL in the City Streamed on September 5th. You can re...
16-08-2018 21:16:53 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
Quick T-SQL Window Function Articles
Even after six years, I am still presenting at user groups and SQL Saturdays on T-SQL windowing functions. I have found that many data profe...
29-06-2018 03:18:23 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
SQL and the City Streamed: The June 2018 Edition
NOTE: This post first appeared on Simple-Talk. I often joke that I wish cloning was perfected so that I could be two places at once. Sometim...
06-06-2018 00:13:16 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday: Giving back to the community
This month's T-SQL Tuesday from Riley Major (b|t) asks us to figure out a way to give back to the community and then write about it. I'm goi...
08-05-2018 23:13:47 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
Configuring SQL Monitor
I got to meet with the team who creates SQL Monitor today. (Yes, I have a very cool job!) Since I'm kind of new to SQL Monitor, they wanted ...
05-01-2018 01:56:20 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
My First Look at SQL Monitor
I've used other tools for monitoring SQL Server, but this was my first look at SQL Monitor made by Redgate Software. The first step was just...
19-12-2017 22:40:06 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
Live from Cambridge!
Every year, I present at eight or ten events plus user group meetings, either in person or remotely. Due to travel costs (yes, speakers pay ...
07-12-2017 16:33:58 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
PASS Summit 2017 Report
This is my 14th PASS Summit. I started going in 2003 and missed just 2012 in all those years. Once again, it was held in Seattle. I think th...
06-11-2017 02:24:01 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
What's Next for Aunt Kathi?
I've been doing the freelance consulting thing for a little over three years. It's been an amazing three years, and I've had plenty of time ...
05-10-2017 18:18:30 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
I'm Climbing the Space Needle!
Many of you have seen the Space Needle during trips to Seattle, especially if you have visited during PASS Summit week. Have you ever wonder...
20-09-2017 06:45:51 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server

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