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What's Next for Aunt Kathi?
I've been doing the freelance consulting thing for a little over three years. It's been an amazing three years, and I've had plenty of time ...
05-10-2017 18:18:30 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
I'm Climbing the Space Needle!
Many of you have seen the Space Needle during trips to Seattle, especially if you have visited during PASS Summit week. Have you ever wonder...
20-09-2017 06:45:51 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
My TOP(10) Reasons to Attend PASS Summit
I've been attending PASS Summit since 2003 and have missed only one year in that time. This year, I am honored once again to speak at the su...
30-08-2017 05:11:38 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
Why I Hate GUIDs
Using a GUID as a primary key and or clustering key in SQL Server database tables is a subject for religious debate. Sure, they are unique, ...
06-04-2017 04:54:58 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
What is a Microsoft MVP?
I was recently interviewed by Carlos Chacon (@CarlosLChacon) and Steve Stedman (@SQLEmt) for their SQL Data Partners podcast. I had chatted ...
01-03-2017 21:09:44 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
Data Types in SSRS Mobile Reports Category Charts
There are several chart types found in traditional paginated SSRS reports. The charts have many properties, but these are configured the sam...
26-02-2017 19:47:57 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
T-SQL Puzzler
I have presented on T-SQL Window Functions at least 30 times over the past five years. I love the comments I get after the presentations. Wi...
21-02-2017 02:46:29 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
New Pluralsight Course on Mobile Reports is Live!
When I wrote my book on SSRS 2016 last year, I devoted one chapter to Mobile Reports. That chapter was just an overview and didn't really dr...
30-01-2017 22:58:47 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
Keeping KPI Reports up to Date
Last time, I talked about a very useful new feature of SSRS, KPI reports. These reports stand alone in the web portal, and they also run in ...
29-01-2017 19:24:36 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
What are SSRS 2016 KPI Reports?
KPIs have been around in SSRS in some fashion for most releases. Row level indicators and gauges were added in 2008 R2, but even before that...
18-01-2017 02:58:15 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server

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