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OCM Exam Tips and Tricks at
Dear friends Hope most of you already got my book and started preparing for the OCM exam. Every month I get an email from my readers as well...
13-10-2017 10:54:51 Kamran Agayev Oracle
[INS-20802] Creating Container Database for Oracle Grid Infrastructure Management Repository failed
After dealing with script to configure 3 node clusterware environment I succeeded but ended up with the following error when post co...
24-07-2017 14:57:08 Kamran Agayev Oracle
Perl related issues when running ./ to deconfigure the node
Today while deconfiguring one failed node from the clusterware I faced some Perl related issues that blocked me to run ./ command....
24-07-2017 08:24:59 Kamran Agayev Oracle
Get your weekly OCM exam tip to your email – sign up at
Dear reader. You must have already known about my OCM exam Study Guide that I've published few months ago. If not, then get your pdf copy of...
18-04-2017 10:18:32 Kamran Agayev Oracle
Step by Step Mastering Oracle Database Cloud Service – DBaaS – in one pdf now!
Hello guys After posting a few articles on DBaaS, I've decided to create a single pdf file and collect all my cloud related step by step pra...
16-02-2017 15:21:06 Kamran Agayev Oracle
Performing disaster recovery with RMAN in Oracle Cloud using On-Premises backups stored in Oracle Public Cloud Storage
In the previous blog posts you have seen how to create a disaster recovery for on-premises Oracle Database by creating a standby database in...
13-02-2017 06:41:18 Kamran Agayev Oracle
Create a Standby database in Oracle Cloud for On-Premises production database
If you have a production database and you plan to build a standby database on the different geographic location, Oracle Cloud is the best op...
23-01-2017 13:59:42 Kamran Agayev Oracle
Configure and practice backup and recovery for Oracle Database in Cloud (DBaaS)
In this post I will show you how to configure backup for Oracle Database in Cloud. First of all, make sure you use Oracle Storage Cloud Serv...
14-12-2016 14:30:37 Kamran Agayev Oracle
Create a clone database in Oracle Cloud
In this step by step tutorial, we will create a clone database for the development or testing purposes. Using Oracle Database Cloud service ...
10-12-2016 13:45:59 Kamran Agayev Oracle
Step by step guide – create a primary and standby database in the Cloud!
In this guide, I will show you how to create a primary and standby database in the cloud. Login to your cloud account, switch to the Oracle ...
06-12-2016 14:51:42 Kamran Agayev Oracle

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