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Few interesting facts about Oracle ADB, Redshift and Snowflake
Building a new data warehouse in the cloud or migrating an existing one to cloud requires careful consideration and the answer to the questi...
14-01-2019 16:02:28 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous Transaction Processing or Something Else?
First things first: there is nothing else. Let me explain why. Both Forbes and the Wall Street Journal wrote about the top 5 industry early ...
30-11-2018 13:47:34 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
PL/SQL quiz
Years ago, I saw this quiz on dbaspport. Below, we have 2 PL/SQL blocks, have a look: Question is: what happens after you run them? Are the ...
28-10-2018 00:50:25 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
Amazon's Aurora and Oracle's Autonomous ATP
Databases are very much like wine, cheese and trees: they get better as they age. Amazon Aurora exists since 2015. The word aurora comes Lat...
29-08-2018 09:48:57 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
Migrating Amazon Redshift to Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud
"Big Data wins games but Data Warehousing wins championships" says Michael Jordan. Data Scientists create the algorithm, but as Todd Goldman...
04-07-2018 19:00:27 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
The DBA profession beyond autonomous: a database without a DBA is like a tree without roots
"To make a vehicle autonomous, you need to gather massive streams of data from loads of sensors and cameras and process that data on the fly...
30-05-2018 19:56:02 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
DBA Internals of the Oracle Autonomous Database
First things first: the word autonomous come from the Greek word aut nomos which means "with laws of one's own, independent". After starting...
28-03-2018 08:24:45 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
2018, the year of the Cloud underdog Oracle?
"Without data you're just another person with an opinion." W. Edwards Deming Let us see, based on data, why the Cloud underdog Oracle can be...
08-01-2018 10:57:00 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
Artificial stupidity as a DBA limitation of artificial intelligence
"Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity" Albert Einstein What about introducing Artificial Intelligence into the database...
06-12-2017 06:57:22 Julian Dontcheff Oracle
Blockchain for DBAs
"Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockhchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi driver work with the customer directl...
30-10-2017 09:40:38 Julian Dontcheff Oracle

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