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Should I Run Postgres on Kubernetes? Part II
Having covered some of the reasons why you would want to run a PostgreSQL on Kubernetes, I'm not going to cover some of the reasons why you ...
13-07-2018 02:36:12 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
Should I Run Postgres on Kubernetes? Part I
In preparation for my workshop on running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes on Monday, I wanted to talk a bit about why you'd want to run your databa...
12-07-2018 08:59:25 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
New Annotated Config Files for PostgreSQL 10
Teal Deer: The Annotated.conf has been updated for PostgreSQL 10, and it's a Github repo now. 13 years ago, for PostgreSQL 8.0, I released t...
04-04-2018 03:21:44 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
Retiring from the Core Team
Those of you in the PostgreSQL community will have noticed that I haven't been very active for the past year. My new work on Linux container...
12-01-2017 02:29:35 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
Changing PostgreSQL Version Numbering
Per yesterday's developer meeting, the PostgreSQL Project is contemplating a change to how we do version numbers. First, let me explain how ...
18-05-2016 19:18:06 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
Don't delete pg_xlog
This StackOverflow question reminded me of this old blog post, which is still relevant today: pg_log, pg_xlog and pg_clog There are three di...
28-04-2016 21:18:11 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
Join us for the 3rd pgCon User Unconference
This year, we're continuing to experiment with new formats for the pgCon unconference. In 2013 and 2014 we had an Unconference on the Saturd...
27-04-2016 02:16:23 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
9.5.2 update release and corrupt indexes
We've released an off-schedule update release today, because of a bug in one of 9.5's features which has forced us to partially disable the ...
31-03-2016 17:36:20 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
JSONB, PostgreSQL and Go
Just ran across this excellent pair of blog posts on using JSONB with Go application design to simplify your data model. Since that blog is ...
20-02-2016 00:17:38 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL
Configuration changes in 9.5: transaction log size
If you downloaded 9.5 after yesterday's release, you might have noticed some changes to postgresql.conf, especially if you copied over you f...
08-01-2016 19:49:59 Josh Berkus PostgreSQL

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