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Direct IOT
A recent (automatic ?) tweet from Connor McDonald highlighted an article he'd written a couple of years ago about an enhancement introduced ...
16-07-2018 14:27:06 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Quiz Night
Because it's been a long time since the last quiz night. Here's a question prompted by a recent thread on the ODevCom database forum how man...
14-07-2018 20:16:40 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
pushing predicates
I came across this odd limitation (maybe defect) with pushing predicates (join predicate push down) a few years ago that made a dramatic dif...
13-07-2018 14:39:41 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Cardinality Puzzle
One of the difficulties of being a DBA and being required to solve performance problems is that you probably never have enough time to think...
12-07-2018 14:24:06 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Validate FK
A comment arrived yesterday on an earlier posting about an enhancement to the truncate command in 12c that raised the topic of what Oracle m...
10-07-2018 12:16:10 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Historic Stats
If you want to examine historic object stats Oracle gives you a few procedures in the dbms_stats package to compare sets of stats captured a...
09-07-2018 14:30:55 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Question Time
It's that time of year again the UKOUG Tech conference is approaching and I'm organising a panel session on the Cost Based Optimizer. As usu...
06-07-2018 13:00:20 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Here's another little note on the clustering_factor for an index and the table preference table_cached_blocks that can be set with a call to...
02-07-2018 15:10:16 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Truncate upgrade
Connor McDonald produced a tweet yesterday linking to a short video he'd created about an enhancement to the truncate command in 12c. If you...
29-06-2018 10:07:04 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Hacking Profiles
Saturday's posting about setting cursor_sharing to force reminded me about one of the critical limitations of SQL Profiles (which is one of ...
26-06-2018 10:29:05 Jonathan Lewis Oracle

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