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Interval Partition Problem
Assume you've got a huge temporary tablespace, there's plenty of space in your favourite tablespace, you've got a very boring, simple table ...
21-02-2018 10:58:34 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Here's a note I've just re-discovered at the time I was probably planning to extend it into a longer article but I've decided to publish the...
21-02-2018 00:12:15 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Taking Notes – 2
[Originally written August 2015, but not previously published] If I'm taking notes in a presentation that you're giving there are essentiall...
20-02-2018 17:21:46 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
As the years roll on I've found it harder and harder to supply quick answers to "simple" questions on the Oracle-L list server and OTN/ODC f...
20-02-2018 10:40:59 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Join Factorization
This item is, by a roundabout route, a follow-up to yesterday's note on a critical difference in cardinality estimates that appeared if you ...
14-02-2018 17:53:57 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Coalesce v. NVL
"Modern" SQL should use the coalesce() function rather than the nvl() function or so the story goes but do you always want to do that to an ...
13-02-2018 13:42:01 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Histogram Threat
Have you ever seen a result like this: A client of mine who had recently upgraded to RAC, using DRCP (database resident connection ...
30-01-2018 09:22:02 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Case Study – 1
It has been some time since I wrote an article walking through the analysis of information on an AWR report, but a nice example appeared a f...
29-01-2018 12:25:22 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
gc buffer busy
I had to write this post because I can never remember which way round Oracle named the two versions of gc buffer busy when it split them. Th...
25-01-2018 15:21:27 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
I had a sudden urge to go a bit meta so here's a relative frequency histogram of my observations of the general use of histograms in Oracle:...
23-01-2018 09:32:08 Jonathan Lewis Oracle

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