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The title is a well-known shorthand for parameter optimizer_features_enable and it has been the topic of a recent blog post by Mike Dietrich...
07-07-2017 15:22:40 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
In Memoriam
My mother died a few weeks ago after a couple of months in terminal care. One of my tasks while she was in care was to go through all her pa...
05-07-2017 18:29:55 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
An interesting observation appeared recently as a side-channel on a question on the OTN database forum how does Oracle execute an unpivot() ...
14-06-2017 17:53:34 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
If you're familiar with SQL Profiles and SQL Baselines you may also know about SQL Patches a feature that allows you to construct hints that...
12-06-2017 13:56:20 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
12.2 Partitions
At the end of my presentation to the UKOUG Database SIG yesterday I summed up (most) of points I'd made with a slide making the claim: In 12...
09-06-2017 11:37:40 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Histogram Upgrade – 2
While reading a blog post by Maria Colgan a couple of week ago I came across an observation about histograms that I'd not noticed before; wo...
06-06-2017 08:09:01 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Headline if you don't want to read the note the /*+ parallel(N) */ hint doesn't mean a query will use parallel execution, even if there are ...
25-05-2017 17:51:17 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
255 Again!
There's so many things that can go wrong when you start using tables with more than 255 columns here's one I discovered partly because I was...
23-05-2017 14:46:38 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
255 columns
This is one of my "black hole" articles I drafted it six months ago, but forgot to publish it. A recent post on OTN highlighted some of the ...
19-05-2017 18:55:29 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Quantum Space
Here's a not very serious note that makes a serious point. I've got a small tablespace made up of 4 files, and here's a little report I can ...
10-05-2017 15:17:07 Jonathan Lewis Oracle

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