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Downgrading SQL Server Editions
At some point in your career working with SQL Server, you will run into a situation where the wrong edition of SQL Server has been installed...
19-07-2017 16:59:55 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
SQL 101: Parallelism Inhibitors – Scalar User Defined Functions
As Kimberly blogged about recently, SQLskills is embarking on a new initiative to blog about basic topics, which we're calling SQL101. We'll...
08-06-2017 00:02:13 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
Reducing Long R720 POST Boot Time
I was recently working with a client that uses R720 servers for SQL Server and during restarts of the server, the POST (Power On Self Test) ...
05-06-2017 20:23:30 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
Tracking Compiles with Extended Events
This post comes from a question by Tara Kiser on DBA StackExchange related to Compilations/Sec in PerfMon and using Extended Events to try a...
02-06-2017 18:05:44 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
SQL Server 2016 Distributed Replay Errors
If you've tried to install and configure Distributed Replay in SQL Server 2016, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you ran into all sorts ...
31-05-2017 19:23:29 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
Using Group Managed Service Accounts for SQL Server
This afternoon I ran into an issue after rebooting one of my lab environment VM's for SQL Server 2016 to give the VM more memory to allow so...
30-05-2017 23:47:05 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
SQLskills SQL101: NUMA Support in SQL
I've blogged about NUMA and SQL Server in the past and how SQLOS automatically handles NUMA configurations for SQL Server by default, meanin...
26-05-2017 14:44:14 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
Using Storage Spaces Direct S2D on VMware Workstation
While working through my new demos for SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016 I had to rebuild my hyper-converged SQL Failover Cluster envir...
11-05-2017 00:39:20 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
Exception calling "InitializeAsReader" in PowerShell Reading Trace Files
Today I needed to process some results files from Distributed Replay to compare before and after metrics from a synchronized replay that I h...
02-03-2017 21:26:28 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
Tracking database usage with Extended Events returns invalid database_id?
I was recently emailed with a question about tracking database usage information using Extended Events and the person wanted to know why the...
28-02-2017 05:31:09 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server

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