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A setup to test backup and restore options
A couple of years my team put together some procedures and the underlying databases to allow testing of as many RMAN recovery options as we ...
03-12-2018 15:57:26 John Hallas Oracle
Modifying a datafile within Amazon AWS
Amazon restrict access to the SYS user within AWS instances for safety and security reasons the safety aspect being that users cannot be tru...
05-10-2018 10:21:29 John Hallas Oracle
Oracle Cloud Total Cost of ownership Calculator – rather confusing
I was interested enough to try out the Oracle TCO calculator that I was sent an email about. I can honestly say it has rather confused me in...
01-08-2018 17:34:49 John Hallas Oracle
12C Grid – GENO process causes high CPU usage
This is an interesting bug which has affected a number of our databases perhaps because we are not patched to the latest levels in every cas...
11-07-2018 09:44:25 John Hallas Oracle
Creating a database link using a tnsnames entry
I have had this in my draft posts for a couple of weeks and I refrained from publishing because it was too simple. However the main purpose ...
29-12-2017 17:25:01 John Hallas Oracle
ORA-01450: maximum key length (3800) exceeded
This is an oddity as essentially I have an index on a table but I cannot rebuild it because it suggests the block size should be bigger than...
13-12-2017 10:55:16 John Hallas Oracle
How to add a metric extension and use a ‘control' table to test results
I have previously blogged about creating a User Defined Metric (UDM) before (7 years ago!) but the method I am using today demonstrates how ...
27-11-2017 12:22:50 John Hallas Oracle
DBA vacancy Bradford, West Yorkshire
I have a vacancy in my team and the details are in the link below database.html Lots of interesting work going including 85Tb Data Warehouse...
24-11-2017 10:01:25 John Hallas Oracle
Baselines – session creating privs v session running privs
A colleague Richard Wilkinson was telling me about an issue he had come across with baselines and I asked him to write it up as it was an in...
21-11-2017 08:51:41 John Hallas Oracle
Managing the WINDOW_ID in Goldengate V11.
When we import data into the landing schema on a Dat Warehouse via Goldengate, we add 3 fields to each record detailing when and how the rec...
16-08-2017 12:02:13 John Hallas Oracle

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