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Managing the WINDOW_ID in Goldengate V11.
When we import data into the landing schema on a Dat Warehouse via Goldengate, we add 3 fields to each record detailing when and how the rec...
16-08-2017 12:02:13 John Hallas Oracle
HP Systems Management vacancy
I know I do not have the right readership on this blog for a Systems Management vacancy but if any readers have colleagues who have experien...
08-08-2017 11:47:53 John Hallas Oracle
Using DataGuard broker to show apply lag and throughput
To determine how much lag there is I normally run a script similar to this select sequence#, applied, to_date(to_char(first_tim e,'DD-MON-YY...
20-06-2017 09:34:39 John Hallas Oracle
Downgrading a RAC database from to
It is not often that I see a database downgrade activity performed and so I thought it would be worthwhile just noting how it was done. 2 no...
04-05-2017 09:19:05 John Hallas Oracle
What is the future for an Oracle DBA?
I have worked with Oracle databases for around 25 years now and during that time I have been very fortunate in that there has always been wo...
10-04-2017 10:40:19 John Hallas Oracle
GoldenGate – Restarting a replicat with the command filterduptransactions
If a Goldengate replicat process fails then occasionally on the restart it skips the correct RBA and loses it's position'. The relative byte...
04-04-2017 12:44:45 John Hallas Oracle
Problem with V$RECOVERY_AREA_USAGE view and FRA space not being reclaimed
We received the following alert from our alerting system Flash Recovery Area for FOLPRD1A has 9.97 percent of usable space left. This is a s...
16-03-2017 15:35:49 John Hallas Oracle
Xmas day -150 hits. What is wrong with the world
Yes, very tongue in cheek. I know everyone does not celebrate Xmas. I was still surprised though. This is what was viewed Best wishes for 20...
30-12-2016 21:42:34 John Hallas Oracle
RMAN checksyntax function
I was looking at the RMAN DEBUG options and came across the CHECKSYNTAX function which I had not used before. Firstly a quick recap on the D...
29-12-2016 10:22:03 John Hallas Oracle
Performance problems with OEM AWR warehouse
The Enterprise Manager AWR Warehouse is designed to hold performance data from multiple databases for long-term analysis. It promoses that i...
20-12-2016 11:52:14 John Hallas Oracle

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