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Would You Fly a Plane with One Engine? Or Run Your Airline with One Data Center(re)?
For those of you who may of been in the US or outside of Europe this past weekend, you may not have heard about the major British Airways IT...
30-05-2017 09:27:20 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
SQL Data Warehouse—Size Limits? (No, Not Really)
One of the promises of Azure SQL Data Warehouse is the ability to have petabyte scale. The ability to quickly scale data, and have that data...
11-05-2017 18:54:53 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
SQLCLR in SQL Server 2017
Security of your databases has become the most important part of your job as a DBA. No one wants to be the next company to leak a list of cu...
19-04-2017 20:13:57 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Don't Assume that Your Sessions Need to Be 500 Level
You know what people say about what happens when you assume something, right? Don't be an ass and make assumptions. One trend I've seen in r...
13-04-2017 20:35:18 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
PASS Summit Speaker Selection Changes—My Take
Monday PASS announced its changes to the speaker selection process, you can read the details here. This is a big change there will be presel...
30-03-2017 20:55:44 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Azure Resource Locks are Your Friend in Development
One of the great advantages of the cloud computing is the ability to power off resources that are not in use to save some money. Sure, your ...
24-03-2017 18:23:05 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
You're Speaking…and You Don't Have Slides
I had this dream that other week. I was in the big room at PASS Summit, sitting in the audience. I was relaxed, as I thought I was presentin...
20-03-2017 13:21:28 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Monitoring Availability Groups—New Tools from Solarwinds
As I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago, monitoring the plan cache on a readable secondary replica can be a challenge. My customer w...
15-03-2017 18:14:24 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
SQL Clone—Win Fabulous Prizes!!!
Want a change to win a really cool prize (5 Amazon Dots, and a copy of SQL Clone), while learning about a cool product from Redgate? My frie...
06-03-2017 17:12:34 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Query Store and Availability Groups—Force Plan on Secondary Replicas
I'm still fighting with some challenges about inconsistent performance between a primary and secondary replica, so I've been waste deep in u...
17-02-2017 19:18:08 Joey DAntoni SQL Server

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