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Using Azure Key Vault with Azure SQL Database
Recently I was writing a PowerShell script to help a customer automate the process of deploying Azure SQL Databases. One of the challenges o...
11-12-2018 14:52:33 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Columnstore Indexes and Key Lookups–The Worst
Key Lookups are one of my least favorite SQL Server execution plan operators. This is where for each record in an index seek, SQL Server goe...
14-11-2018 14:12:51 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Not all PaaS Services are the Same
In public cloud computing, the notion of platform as a service, is an offering that offers some key computing concept, as a service. Since y...
01-11-2018 14:22:44 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Automating TempDB Configuration in Azure
One of the unique things about managing SQL Server on Azure VMs is that we use the local D: drive for TempDB. The D: drive (or /dev/sdb1 for...
29-10-2018 19:06:15 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Vendors: Tell Me What Your Product Costs
A couple of weeks ago, my friend and colleague Matthew Roche (t), put out a poll about people's feelings about vendors who don't publicly ad...
23-07-2018 16:40:55 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
A Problem with Storage Spaces, Failover Clustering, and Always On Availability Groups in Azure
This is quite possibly my longest blog post title, ever, however it is pretty important for anyone who is building SQL Server configurations...
03-05-2018 18:00:30 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Kubernetes, Part III–The Failover and The Rolling Upgrade
If you have been following this series, you've learned how to install and configure minikube and get started with running SQL Server within ...
17-04-2018 16:14:31 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Getting Started with SQL SQL Server and Kubernetes, Part II
You might have noticed that I titled this post Part II, but with no "of N". This will likely be a periodically recurring series of posts as ...
05-04-2018 19:34:31 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Getting Started with SQL Server and Kubernetes
If you find yourself asking, "what the heck is Kubernetes, and is the next Hekaton?" you are in the right place. If you know all about K8s (...
29-03-2018 15:12:47 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Resources from Philly Code Camp Precon
I did a precon at Philly Dot Net's Code Camp, and I promised that I would share the resources I talked about during the event. I'd like to t...
26-03-2018 13:38:12 Joey DAntoni SQL Server

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