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Azure VMs with Reduced Core Counts
Something that has come from Microsoft in the last couple of months is the ability to provision an Azure Virtual Machine (VM) with fewer CPU...
07-12-2017 08:37:59 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Resources from Live 360 Postcon
I did a postcon at Live360 in Orlando last week, and I promised that I would share the resources I talked about during the event. I'd like t...
21-11-2017 19:25:49 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Speaker Idol 2017—A Judge's Tale
Not to sound too much like Juan Antonio Samaranch, but 2017 was truly the best Speaker Idol I've ever had the pleasure of judging (and I've ...
09-11-2017 20:12:14 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
RESTORE WITH REPLACE—What Does it Really Do?
I recently read something that said using the RESTORE WITH REPLACE command could be faster than dropping a database and then performing a RE...
13-10-2017 00:07:25 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
SQL Server 2017 Temporal Enhancements
One of the most popular features in my talks about SQL Server 2016 has been the temporal tables feature. If you aren't familiar with this fe...
12-10-2017 17:23:26 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Always On Availability Groups transport has detected a missing log block…
If you are running SQL Server 2016 (especially before CU3) you have received this error: DATE/TIME: 8/21/2017 11:24:53 AM DESCRIPTION: Alway...
05-10-2017 17:09:17 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Managed Instances versus Azure SQL Database—What's the Right Solution for You?
Last week at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft introduced the public preview of the Managed Instances for Azure SQL Database. This is a new produc...
05-10-2017 07:56:05 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
SQL Server on Linux Licensing
Now that SQL Server 2017 has gone GA and SQL Server on Linux is a reality, you may wonder how it effects your licensing bill? Well there's g...
28-09-2017 11:54:28 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
Ignite—Important Data Announcements You Probably Missed
So, if you have been living under a rock for the last year (and yes, he really is president), you may not have heard that SQL Server 2017 la...
26-09-2017 16:08:10 Joey DAntoni SQL Server
SQL Server Management Studio—Presenter Mode
The tools team at Microsoft has been doing an awesome job of delivering new features into SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio Code, ...
11-09-2017 17:09:58 Joey DAntoni SQL Server

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