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APEX Alpe Adria - A New APEX Conference That You Should Attend
Have you heard of APEX Alpe Adria? It's the latest "All APEX" conference, joining APEX World and APEX Connect as high-quality conferences de...
10-02-2018 21:56:26 Joel Kallman Oracle
How do I Refresh a Region or Report after a Dialog is Closed?
I was going to write this blog post back in December 2017, but a colleague on the APEX Development team told me it was unnecessary (because ...
08-02-2018 04:44:58 Joel Kallman Oracle
APEX World 2018: Het gaat los!
While we're delighted that there are more APEX-focused conferences springing up around the globe, there is one conference that started this ...
01-02-2018 13:30:01 Joel Kallman Oracle
Who used in 2017?
A number of years ago, I provided statistics on the geographic distribution of people who used the free, evaluation service for Oracle Appli...
20-01-2018 17:06:06 Joel Kallman Oracle
The top 5 reasons why you should submit an abstract for APEX at the Great Lakes Oracle Conference (GLOC)
APEX Developer Day at Great Lakes Oracle Conference 2017 The Northeast Ohio Oracle User's Group (NEOOUG) is easily one of my favorite user g...
16-01-2018 02:53:20 Joel Kallman Oracle
Can you use Oracle Database Unified Auditing with Oracle APEX?
A customer asked me this morning: "Can we monitor the table access from an APEX application?" This is a security-minded customer, who was al...
10-01-2018 00:40:25 Joel Kallman Oracle
How do I create a responsive Rich Text Editor in Oracle APEX?
I was in a video call this morning with a great customer from England (and by the way, this customer is in the process of transforming the h...
08-12-2017 20:44:44 Joel Kallman Oracle
Errors when downloading a file on page submit in Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.1 or later...
Recently, Sharon Kennedy from our team approached me for some help with file download in Oracle Application Express. Sharon is the primary d...
07-12-2017 23:28:39 Joel Kallman Oracle
If you're in Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Brazil or Argentina, Oracle APEX is coming to you!
In the first part of November, my colleague David Peake and I are taking the Oracle APEX & Oracle Database Cloud message to a number of Orac...
18-10-2017 05:29:56 Joel Kallman Oracle
A Great APEX Developer is.....a Full Stack Developer!
I've heard these phrases from customers: Where can I find Oracle APEX developers? I'm having a tough time filling a vacancy for an APEX deve...
05-10-2017 15:45:37 Joel Kallman Oracle

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