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How long will Oracle APEX remain an included feature of the Oracle Database?
Another great question today from an internal employee. Tom, a Managed Cloud Services Delivery Director, asked: "I am the OMCS Client Manage...
08-06-2017 22:27:20 Joel Kallman Oracle
Is there a mailing list for APEX release announcements?
There was an interesting question today from Oracle Support, on behalf of a customer. They asked:"The customer would like to know if there i...
07-06-2017 17:20:43 Joel Kallman Oracle
excel2collection functionality of ORDS will not work with APEX 5.1 or later
If you're using the functionality of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) with Oracle Application Express to parse a Microsoft Excel file and st...
06-06-2017 19:58:43 Joel Kallman Oracle
APEX and ORDS up and running in....2 steps!
In January 2017, I had a meeting with external customer Sriram from Hyderabad. He got my attention when he said he would love to start a 100...
04-05-2017 21:06:58 Joel Kallman Oracle
End users still on IE8? Upgrade them before upgrading to Application Express 5.1 or later
If you have end users of your Application Express (APEX) applications still using Internet Explorer 8, you should upgrade their browsers bef...
03-05-2017 14:52:48 Joel Kallman Oracle
Developing a training course or university curriculum for Oracle Application Express (APEX)? Start here!
While education in Oracle Application Express (APEX) is offered as a part of many university and secondary school courses around the globe, ...
20-04-2017 20:57:35 Joel Kallman Oracle
Oracle Application Express 5.1.1 now available
Just in time for APEX World 2017, Oracle Application Express 5.1.1 is now released and available for download. If you wish to download the f...
28-03-2017 23:48:11 Joel Kallman Oracle
Oracle technologies used to analyze the Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
The Oracle Database ships with a wonderful technology called Oracle Text. Most people associate Oracle Text with the mere ability to index d...
23-01-2017 06:00:55 Joel Kallman Oracle
Details about this incident are available via debug id....
In Oracle Application Express, unexpected exceptions can occasionally occur. Instead of communicating the technical details to an end user w...
19-01-2017 15:58:04 Joel Kallman Oracle
OTN Appreciation Day: Oracle Text
For OTN Appreciation Day, I was told that it wouldn't be appropriate to write about my favorite Oracle feature (APEX, obviously). So I'll gl...
11-10-2016 15:52:25 Joel Kallman Oracle

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