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An Important Change Is Coming for Application Express 5.2 (if you use the Mobile User Interface)
An important change is coming in Oracle Application Express 5.2. The mobile user interface (based upon jQuery Mobile) will be deprecated. Th...
22-08-2017 14:58:22 Joel Kallman Oracle
How do I share a URL to my APEX application?
What is the URL for my APEX application? If I want to provide a URL to my APEX application to others, what URL do I give them? Great questio...
17-08-2017 15:39:10 Joel Kallman Oracle
Easy Dashboard using nothing but APEX, Font APEX and SQL!
A customer from Tennessee recently asked for help in creating a simple dashboard in their Oracle APEX application. In the PHP system they we...
26-07-2017 22:45:17 Joel Kallman Oracle
Oracle Application Express Curriculum Announcement - an Addendum
Earlier today, on the "official" Oracle APEX blog, I published the announcement of the release of the Oracle Application Express curriculum ...
19-07-2017 23:26:29 Joel Kallman Oracle
Built with ❤️ using Oracle Application Express
I couldn't get to my keyboard fast enough, to write this blog post. Shakeeb Rahman showed me something last night that I wanted to share wit...
13-07-2017 18:59:59 Joel Kallman Oracle
The APEX Community & ODTUG Kscope
Another successful Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) Kscope conference is in the books. And like every year, the global APEX commu...
02-07-2017 17:43:21 Joel Kallman Oracle
How long will Oracle APEX remain an included feature of the Oracle Database?
Another great question today from an internal employee. Tom, a Managed Cloud Services Delivery Director, asked: "I am the OMCS Client Manage...
08-06-2017 22:27:20 Joel Kallman Oracle
Is there a mailing list for APEX release announcements?
There was an interesting question today from Oracle Support, on behalf of a customer. They asked:"The customer would like to know if there i...
07-06-2017 17:20:43 Joel Kallman Oracle
excel2collection functionality of ORDS will not work with APEX 5.1 or later
If you're using the functionality of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) with Oracle Application Express to parse a Microsoft Excel file and st...
06-06-2017 19:58:43 Joel Kallman Oracle
APEX and ORDS up and running in....2 steps!
In January 2017, I had a meeting with external customer Sriram from Hyderabad. He got my attention when he said he would love to start a 100...
04-05-2017 21:06:58 Joel Kallman Oracle

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