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pg_catalog visualized
I couldn't find any graph showing all the relations between all the pg_catalog tables, so just for fun I wrote a little script to parse the ...
10-12-2016 21:37:13 Joel Jacobson PostgreSQL
PgTerminator: Kill misbehaving db users if important processes are waiting
If you are a DBA and ever have had to manually call pg_terminate_backend() to kill some misbehaving backend process, then this tool might be...
07-12-2016 10:52:26 Joel Jacobson PostgreSQL
Pgcronjob: Cron daemon to run user defined functions
I find myself quite often having to split a large write operation such as updating millions of rows in a heavily used table. This usually bo...
28-04-2016 06:07:17 Joel Jacobson PostgreSQL

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