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Build a PostreSQL Automated Failover in 5 minutes
I've been working with Vagrant to quickly build a fresh test cluster for PAF development. Combined with virsh snapshot related commands, I s...
24-01-2019 23:48:04 Jehan Guillaume PostgreSQL
PAF 2.2 rc1 released
The first release candidate of the PAF resource agent for Pacemaker has been released yesterday. You'll find the tarball, packages and detai...
30-08-2017 14:34:36 Jehan Guillaume PostgreSQL
PAF, auto failover and more at 2016
You will find the slides of my talk here: Demo's videos are embedded in the html file. I just fixed some typos, French words and added a sli...
02-11-2016 23:33:42 Jehan Guillaume PostgreSQL

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