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SQL Developer 17.2: Publish RESTful Service (GET) based on a Data Grid
Think building REST Services for Oracle Database is hard? Tooling around SQL Developer, browsing data, and thought to yourself, that would m...
11-08-2017 20:11:04 Jeff Smith Oracle
Look and Feel – Feel Free to Go Crazy
Apparently SQL Developer doesn't look super awesome on some Windows high-resolution displays (Macs are apparently A-OK!) 4 and 5k monitors. ...
09-08-2017 20:43:12 Jeff Smith Oracle
Upcoming Webcasts: Getting Started with SQL Developer, SQLcl, & ORDS
I get the impression that many of you have thought about getting more acquainted with our development tools and platforms here at Oracle. Bu...
02-08-2017 15:18:18 Jeff Smith Oracle
Enforcing Naming Standards for Your Data Models
Customer asks: We tried also to apply some naming conventions but I think we didn't understand something . Having a logical model with a tab...
26-07-2017 21:32:03 Jeff Smith Oracle
Modeling JSON in Oracle Database Tables
Having an extra bit bucket in your tables is pretty easy now in Oracle Database 12c and higher. We offer native JSON support [JSON DOCS] you...
24-07-2017 17:31:26 Jeff Smith Oracle
SQL Developer v17.2 is now Available.
Time to download! Mostly bug fixes. the frequent connection reset' message should be GONE entering text data in a data grid cell and the cur...
12-07-2017 01:02:32 Jeff Smith Oracle
Everything You Need to Know about the Data Grids
Here's a 15 minute video showing you everything you need to know about using the data grids in Oracle SQL Developer. Basically: settings fon...
11-07-2017 18:30:44 Jeff Smith Oracle
SQL Developer: You're Doing it Wrong [VIDEO]
We tried 15 minute talks at a conference last week, and I think they came out OK. I figured for the folks who weren't able to come out to th...
03-07-2017 17:50:09 Jeff Smith Oracle
Three (3) Things You're Not Using But Totally Should Be
Missed out on KScope17 this week, or were there, but missed out on my talks? Have no fear you can now catch up on the 3 Oracle SQL Developer...
30-06-2017 18:53:32 Jeff Smith Oracle
More on ORDS 3.0.10 and Auto PLSQL – PACKAGES
We released a new version of ORDS this week, and I blogged about a new feature in that release Auto PLSQL. In that post, I briefly mentioned...
23-06-2017 21:20:07 Jeff Smith Oracle

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