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Updated Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) Slides and Video
After presenting this topic a few times over the years, I decided on a different take this Spring: I would start by introducing some require...
19-09-2018 17:55:56 Jeff Smith Oracle
Where to get help with Oracle SQL Developer
I was inspired by Joel's post on this subject for APEX so much, that I thought I'd copy his idea. So you're reading this post on my blog, so...
07-09-2018 20:28:21 Jeff Smith Oracle
Space Report from SQL SQLcl
I was using the Instance Viewer today and ran into the drill down for Storage. Let's take a closer look at that report. I like this report e...
06-09-2018 23:01:25 Jeff Smith Oracle
Can You Format My Code, This Way?
A follower reached out to me late yesterday with this request: And the answer is yes, we can pretty much get there. I've noticed a few thing...
01-09-2018 16:13:40 Jeff Smith Oracle
Instance Viewer: The Video!
I'm always a bit surprised when I find a SQL Developer user who does NOT know about the Instance Viewer! Of course you loyal readers know al...
29-08-2018 23:06:19 Jeff Smith Oracle
I don't normally blog on a Sunday, but I'm confined to my bed/couch for the next few days, so I might as well answer another question! This ...
26-08-2018 18:00:31 Jeff Smith Oracle
3 Tips for Working with PL/SQL
I'll show you 3 cool tips and tricks for working with PL/SQL in SQL Developer in under 7 minutes! In-code navigation click into where your o...
23-08-2018 22:54:51 Jeff Smith Oracle
Two SQL Developer Tricks: DBMS_XPLAN and Code Templates
We recently (18.2) added a new way to generate execution plans in SQL Developer we generate a call to DBMS_XPLAN for the SQL ID at your curs...
16-08-2018 22:42:40 Jeff Smith Oracle
Video: Explain Plan, Execution Plan, AutoTrace, and Real Time SQL Monitoring
15 minutes overview of how to use these features in Oracle SQL Developer: Get an Explain Plan Customize the display of the plan Get a cached...
08-08-2018 23:16:30 Jeff Smith Oracle
How to Open your PL/SQL Objects…With the Keyboard in SQL Developer
I have some code BEGIN give_raises(); END; / I can guess that GIVE_RAISES is a procedure of some kind. But now I want to open it, or go to i...
01-08-2018 17:34:32 Jeff Smith Oracle

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