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More on ORDS 3.0.10 and Auto PLSQL – PACKAGES
We released a new version of ORDS this week, and I blogged about a new feature in that release Auto PLSQL. In that post, I briefly mentioned...
23-06-2017 21:20:07 Jeff Smith Oracle
Announcing ORDS 3.0.10 and a new feature – Auto PLSQL
New Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) drop today. Per usual, mostly bug fixes And per usual, sometimes we like to sneak in new features as we...
20-06-2017 22:40:24 Jeff Smith Oracle
Configuring Jetty in Standalone ORDS
For all of my ORDS demos, I'm running it as a standalone process. There's no Tomcat or Apache involved and that's OK. Your needs may require...
19-06-2017 16:13:59 Jeff Smith Oracle
Five (5) People to Follow On Twitter
I wrote this on LinkedIn, but that platform doesn't play nice with Flipboard, and not all of you are connected with me there. So, if you Twi...
17-06-2017 22:56:38 Jeff Smith Oracle
How to Update the ORDS_PUBLIC_USER Password
ORDS_PUBLIC_USER is the database user that's used to create your ORDS connection pool(s). Each database configured with ORDS gets one. When ...
15-06-2017 20:33:18 Jeff Smith Oracle
Release News – What's On Tap
SQL Developer has averaged about a single major release a year. We've also always had an Early Adopter or open beta where we would debut new...
05-06-2017 16:20:56 Jeff Smith Oracle
Mandatory SQLDev Tip: Filter Your History
It's Friday! Let's be honest though you've not accomplished much this week. Monday was a holiday, emails have stacked up, lots of your co-wo...
02-06-2017 16:45:56 Jeff Smith Oracle
How Do I Get My Charts Out of a Report?
Someone asked, I have this cool report, how do I get the chart out of it? For now I've been taking screenshots. So let's look at how you can...
26-05-2017 17:17:39 Jeff Smith Oracle
Generating a Data Dictionary Report and Diagram for a SubView
Your relational models can get big. Bigger than the human mind can easily consume. So instead of generating a report of 2,500 objects, you m...
22-05-2017 15:32:10 Jeff Smith Oracle
Thoughts on GLOC Conference and ORDS/REST Demos
I had a very, very enjoyable time at the Great Lakes Oracle Conference this week in Cleveland (OHIO! Just in case Joel is reading this.) Abo...
20-05-2017 01:25:59 Jeff Smith Oracle

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