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All About Versions – Time to Upgrade?
We've gone a bit manic when it comes to releasing updates for SQL Developer:- 4x a year, or once a quarter. We're committed to delivering on...
25-04-2018 03:36:54 Jeff Smith Oracle
More on Working with PL/SQL Packages – Ordering their Contents
Normally when someone asks me about ordering packages, I check the doorstop for our daily Amazon delivery. Ok, it just seems that way, and I...
20-04-2018 21:04:28 Jeff Smith Oracle
Ranking Social Communities for the Oracle Database Professional
This blog post was going to be JUST that picture above. The size of the logos show what I think are the importance, reach, or quality of the...
18-04-2018 18:01:29 Jeff Smith Oracle
18.1 – New Formatting Option, Right-Align Query Keywords
Due to popular demand, we've added this new preference to the formatter. With it turned on: On SELECT B.DEPARTMENT_NAME, A.FIRST_NAME, A.LAS...
10-04-2018 17:23:14 Jeff Smith Oracle
18.1 Features: SQL Injection Detection
A small feature that could have a huge impact on your code we try to make sure you know your PL/SQL might be vulnerable. SQL Injection is a ...
09-04-2018 17:20:31 Jeff Smith Oracle
18.1 is Now Available – Easier Connections!
Version 18.1 of SQL Developer is now available. Go download that here. Most importantly, there are a TON of bug fixes in this release. Many ...
06-04-2018 15:21:49 Jeff Smith Oracle
Let's talk about ‘Squiggles' – What's Wrong with Your SQL or PLSQL?
SQL Developer's code editors try to help you out. They'll show you two categories of informational advisories: there is a problem with this ...
22-03-2018 18:30:09 Jeff Smith Oracle
My SQL Developer Editor Setup, Look & Feel
I've been tweaking how my SQL Developer application looks and feels for a long time. Someone saw my desktop and wanted to know how to make t...
15-03-2018 16:54:17 Jeff Smith Oracle
Building An Object Search for SQLcl
The search feature in SQL Developer is whiz-bang. You're using it, right? But what about at the command line? I'm guessing many of you just ...
13-03-2018 19:32:19 Jeff Smith Oracle
What Happens if I REST Enable a table with no Primary Key in ORDS?
When you AUTO-REST enable table in ORDS, we publish a full API for you: We auto find your Primary Key Column and use that to address particu...
05-03-2018 19:29:37 Jeff Smith Oracle

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