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An Interview with Oracle-Base's Tim Hall
Mixing things up today with a quick Q&A with the guy that that generates most of the Google results to your pressing Oracle how do I ?' ques...
11-12-2017 17:20:04 Jeff Smith Oracle
What does ‘Skip NLS Settings' really do?
In SQL Developer you can configure how you want things to work for your session. How DATES should appear. If numbers should use a .' or a ,'...
05-12-2017 14:38:43 Jeff Smith Oracle
Coming Soon: A More Forgiving Formatter
For 17.4, the formatter will attempt to format invalid SQL for you. If the parser runs into a problem with your code, it will format it as m...
01-12-2017 14:53:35 Jeff Smith Oracle
Learning Oracle SQL Developer: The Video Hits
I've got short videos for you, 2-10 minutes. I've got 20 minute videos. And I've got monster, hour long videos. 24 in total, covering everyt...
27-11-2017 15:01:19 Jeff Smith Oracle
OT: Reading List
I needed to publish a blog post this week, but instead of writing new content, I thought I'd share with you things I've written in other pla...
22-11-2017 15:16:04 Jeff Smith Oracle
Video! Using the Keyboard Shortcuts in Oracle SQLcl
Developers hate using a mouse. Sticking with the keyboard reminds everyone we bled all over our keyboards 20 years ago in VT100 terminals. S...
16-11-2017 17:09:04 Jeff Smith Oracle
Table Filters Trick: Recalling the Filter
Someone asked about persisting table filters. Quick answer, we don't. When you leave and come back to table, the filters are no longer activ...
08-11-2017 20:00:10 Jeff Smith Oracle
Yet Another REST POST (and GET!): BLOBs
I wrote recently about using REST to upload a file to your table with ORDS. I want to extend that and share more code. I want you to see how...
07-11-2017 22:37:35 Jeff Smith Oracle
Can't Remember Your Keyboard Shortcuts? Try the Quick Action Panel.
Quick post today. If you want to do something, but can't remember the keyboard sequence, or can't find the button, try opening the Quick Act...
31-10-2017 03:02:42 Jeff Smith Oracle
Help! Where do you go for help with Oracle?
I'm running a week long poll on Twitter. After Google, where do you go for Oracle help, first? Please answer, then RT. If 'other', please sp...
22-10-2017 04:37:55 Jeff Smith Oracle

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