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Easier Execution Plans in Oracle SQL Developer
SQL tuning can be fun. The database gives us MANY things to help with this. There is even a nice set of views that contain everything we nee...
19-07-2018 16:52:08 Jeff Smith Oracle
Oracle SQL Developer version 18.2 – Faster!
So two areas of major performance improvements in Oracle SQL Developer version 18.2: Importing from Excel Using the Query Builder Importing ...
16-07-2018 18:39:06 Jeff Smith Oracle
When No Data Found: Our New Podcast
I say our' because I'm doing this with Scott Spendolini, an Oracle ACE Director in the APEX community. We wanted a podcast of interest to Or...
10-07-2018 15:03:12 Jeff Smith Oracle
Version 18.2 Is Now Available (SQLDev, SQLcl, DataModeler, ORDS)
It's that time of year again, we have just released updates to all of our tools! Downloads Here: Oracle SQL Developer Oracle SQLcl SQL Devel...
03-07-2018 13:04:03 Jeff Smith Oracle
VIDEO: Importing from Excel Table
It's a bit long at 17 minutes, but I go through the process of: creating a new table based on an Excel/CSV defining the columns checking the...
22-06-2018 20:01:05 Jeff Smith Oracle
Where Desktop and Web Collide – Sharing Data Modeler Diagrams
You might have heard we now have a new SQL Developer in the family: SQL Developer Web. If that's news to you, here's a quick video recap: Ho...
21-06-2018 19:41:22 Jeff Smith Oracle
KScope18 Sunday Symposium Slides
This past week we were at KScope the premier all things Oracle conference here in the United States. The Database team were very well repres...
15-06-2018 18:15:36 Jeff Smith Oracle
Easier Preferences…Digging
We have a LOT of application preferences. And users have a funny habit of asking us to add MORE to every release. So, it's great that we mak...
09-06-2018 18:03:45 Jeff Smith Oracle
New Oracle VirtualBox Appliance Available
You can download it here. With this VirtualBox Appliance, you can spin up a virtual machine that already has Oracle Database, Application Ex...
06-06-2018 22:14:21 Jeff Smith Oracle
SQL Developer Reporting: Video Demo & Slides
As a feature: Been there forever On the desktop by default 80% of you aren't using it I think it's a feature that can really turbo charge yo...
30-05-2018 17:16:08 Jeff Smith Oracle

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