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Learn More about SQL Developer and ORDS…in England and Belgium!
The 2018 conference season is winding down. Next week is DOAG in Germany an amazing conference by the way and a short time after that is the...
16-11-2018 21:41:36 Jeff Smith Oracle
Oracle SQL Developer Version 18.4 Sneak Peek
So someone asked us on Twitter this morning about a new Document that opens on an Export of a query result set. How can I prevent the "Expor...
15-11-2018 17:33:45 Jeff Smith Oracle
Building a Web Service for Uploading and Downloading Files: The Video!
This video is a bit longer than most, but I'll show you how to deploy a web service to: get a list of files from a table stored as BLOBs get...
08-11-2018 18:00:47 Jeff Smith Oracle
Query Builder: Where Are My Joins?
One of the improvements for version 18.3 was a much improved, performant query builder. Of course, not all things are free. Or in fact, noth...
02-11-2018 14:16:03 Jeff Smith Oracle
Video: What's New in Oracle SQL Developer for 2018
This was one of my 3 sessions at Open World last week. None of them were recorded, but I figured you might find this one interesting, so I r...
01-11-2018 17:03:59 Jeff Smith Oracle
Preventing 500 Status Codes with Oracle REST Data Services
In my Oracle REST Services Demos I always show things working exactly as planned. But what happens when your user does something your progra...
26-10-2018 17:44:56 Jeff Smith Oracle
All of Your Objects: Reports
Today's question: I am looking for a way to list out all and count all objects by all schema, any idea? So the connection tree is nice in th...
24-10-2018 08:04:41 Jeff Smith Oracle
Modeling JSON in Oracle Database Tables, Part 2
In case you haven't figured this out by now, 90% of my material here is generated by questions from folks like you out there. So thanks for ...
19-10-2018 17:00:48 Jeff Smith Oracle
Yes, SQL*Loader is Faster at Loading Records
Someone asked on StackOverflow how to get loading a 1,000,000 records to be faster in SQL Developer. My answer was basically, don't use SQL ...
16-10-2018 20:01:57 Jeff Smith Oracle
Data Modeler Tip: Assigning a SCHEMA to Your Objects
Was helping someone on Stackoverflow this morning, and thought you might enjoy seeing this process as well. PROBLEM: You've created a schema...
16-10-2018 10:43:30 Jeff Smith Oracle

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