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Version 17.3(.1!) is Now Available
We released SQL Developer version 17.3 while I was at Oracle Open World, so I didn't have time to really blog it. Plus, we found this REALLY...
18-10-2017 16:12:08 Jeff Smith Oracle
Opening Unshared Worksheets via the Keyboard
Customer Question: How can I open an unshared worksheet using just the keyboard? Ctrl+Shift+N on an existing worksheet is the easy answer. C...
11-10-2017 00:01:58 Jeff Smith Oracle
POST Up a BLOB to an Oracle Table via REST
It seems kind of weird to do a blog post around a feature that's fairly well documented, but this came up twice this week, so I figured I'd ...
29-09-2017 21:33:49 Jeff Smith Oracle
Get the Right Columns, In the Right Order
Some of you are real fast typers, and don't need this type of help. However, some of you, no matter how fast you can type, have to deal with...
25-09-2017 19:00:03 Jeff Smith Oracle
Oracle Open World 2017: What You Need to Know
As always our team will be quite busy, with both social and technical activities. And in case you forgot, I'm on the team that brings you: O...
21-09-2017 18:48:09 Jeff Smith Oracle
Bulk Load an Oracle Table from CSV via REST
I have 1,500 rows I need to shove into a table. I don't have access to the database, directly. But my DBA is happy to give me a HTTPS entry ...
14-09-2017 21:45:48 Jeff Smith Oracle
ORDS: Returning Raw {JSON}
ORDS is nice. It auto-formats your SQL or PL/SQL results and response to JSON before returning to your client or application. But what if yo...
12-09-2017 01:02:24 Jeff Smith Oracle
SQLcl and the the ORDS JDBC Driver
You know what SQLcl is. You know what ORDS is. How do those two things go together? Well, in ORDS 17.3 (Early Adopter/BETA!), we offer a new...
11-09-2017 18:28:56 Jeff Smith Oracle
Swagger Doc for ORDS RESTful Services
We've just released version 17.3 of Oracle REST Data Services as an Early Adopter (BETA). Go Download ORDS 17.3 Now. There are 2 major new f...
07-09-2017 19:49:08 Jeff Smith Oracle
The Quickest Way to Reverse Engineer Your Database to a Model
You have a schema. Someone else built it. You've just inherited it. Now you need to build an application around it. But, tell me more about ...
30-08-2017 15:53:23 Jeff Smith Oracle

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