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Quickly Change SQL Job Owners
It is not unusual to find a server where some random user created a bunch of jobs to be run by SQL Agent. Sometimes, the user creating the j...
16-07-2018 22:49:48 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday #104: Just Can't Cut That Cord
We all have our favorite scripts, tools or utilities. Those are the things that help make our jobs easier. In this article, I share with you...
11-07-2018 01:35:38 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Summiting that Technical Challenge Part II
Migrating a wordpress blog comes with its various set of challeneges. This installment covers magically changing percent symbols during that...
06-07-2018 17:07:51 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Use SSMS with a Different Windows Account - Back to Basics
Runas should be a very common tool in the toolbox of all IT professionals - not just Data Professionals. Learning how to test different acco...
28-06-2018 17:57:29 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Single User Mode - Back to Basics
Starting SQL Server in single-user mode should be a tool every data professional holds in the bag. This is an essential tool that can be use...
01-06-2018 00:22:23 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Lost that SQL Server Access?
Losing access to a SQL instance is never a desirable situation - for the DBA. When the people that are supposed to have access, lose that ac...
31-05-2018 01:04:27 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday #102: Giving Back
This is my diatribe about service and giving back to the community. When done properly, there is a natural born effect of enhancing one's pe...
09-05-2018 07:27:43 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Change SQL Server Collation - Back to Basics
Every now and again we have to deal with a sudden requirements change. When that happens, we sometimes just need to take a step back and eva...
13-04-2018 01:19:37 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday #101: Essential Tools
What are the tools you love to use? What are the tools that maybe need a little sharpening? What tools do you have that maybe you wish were ...
11-04-2018 01:20:53 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Syspolicy Phantom Health Records
SQL Server comes with a default SQL agent job installed (for most installations) to help manage the collection of system health data. I woul...
07-04-2018 00:46:05 Jason Brimhall SQL Server

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