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Change SQL Server Collation - Back to Basics
Every now and again we have to deal with a sudden requirements change. When that happens, we sometimes just need to take a step back and eva...
13-04-2018 01:19:37 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday #101: Essential Tools
What are the tools you love to use? What are the tools that maybe need a little sharpening? What tools do you have that maybe you wish were ...
11-04-2018 01:20:53 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Syspolicy Phantom Health Records
SQL Server comes with a default SQL agent job installed (for most installations) to help manage the collection of system health data. I woul...
07-04-2018 00:46:05 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
SQL Server Extended Availability Groups
It may come as no surprise to many that Microsoft has hastened the SQL Server development cycle. Furthermore, it may be no surprise to many ...
01-04-2018 22:07:15 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Extended Events File Initialization Failure
One of the recommended methods to trap payload data in an XE session is via the use of the event_file target. Sending data to a file has num...
09-03-2018 20:03:32 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Profiler for Extended Events: Quick Settings
As of SSMS 17.4 we have been given the ability to control XEvents Profiler just a tiny bit more. For what it is worth, we as Database Profes...
05-03-2018 23:29:55 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
SQL Server User Already Exists - Back to Basics
One of my all-time favorite things in SQL Server is security. No matter what, it always seems that there is a new way to abuse permissions. ...
24-01-2018 15:54:16 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Database Corruption and IO Errors
A quick way to have your day turned upside down and rip your gut out with nerves and anxiety is to come in one day to find that users are pa...
18-01-2018 16:06:11 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Checking the Health of your CLR
Having a tool to be able to monitor CLR health will be essential as you deploy more and more managed code within SQL Server. Extended Events...
16-01-2018 16:25:31 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
SQL Server Configurations - Back to Basics
One thing that SQL Server does very well is come pre-configured in a lot of ways. These pre-configured settings would be called defaults. Ha...
11-01-2018 15:56:45 Jason Brimhall SQL Server

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