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T-SQL Tuesday 109: Influence Somebody Recap
Small tokens of gratitude and small actions help to build this wonderful SQL Community that gives and gives and gives. Humility leads us to ...
18-12-2018 15:53:25 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Synonyms in SQL Server - Good and Bad
How you use a synonym can be a huge asset or it can be a significant dampener to performance. There are benefits and uses for these nifty li...
14-12-2018 15:03:10 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Maintenance Plan Owner - Back to Basics
Have you ever taken over a server that had several maintenance plans on it? Have you ever really checked who the owner of those plans is? Or...
13-12-2018 16:00:21 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
To Influence or Be Influenced?
Getting feedback from others is that little check that is needed to help progress and move in the right direction. When allowing time and op...
11-12-2018 14:52:18 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
The Mystery of Missing Backup Files
Managing database backups is a critical role of the successful DBA. Understanding what the backup plan is and ensuring backups occur on sche...
10-12-2018 15:13:16 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Capture the Flag - The Trace Flag
Despite the controls in place there always seems to be some change that is unknown or even some cowboy that makes changes as s/he sees fit a...
06-12-2018 16:27:06 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday 109: Influence Somebody Invite
Building on the work of these three fine individuals, here comes the difficult task. You have been the benefactor of some awesome help from ...
04-12-2018 15:07:08 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
I explore the question of if it is possible to reboot the server from within SQL Server or even simply shut down the entire server. Well, yo...
03-12-2018 15:57:12 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
My Book Contributions
One of the really super cool things about the SQL community is the frequent opportunity one could have to get involved. One of my favorite m...
30-11-2018 15:04:18 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Data Professionals at Work Book
Not only will you encounter some interesting stories, but I believe you will also encounter some interesting insight into some of the contri...
29-11-2018 16:07:53 Jason Brimhall SQL Server

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