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Regular database restore tests are important
I came to work today morning and there was an alert in my inbox saying that one of the large databases failed the nightly restore test. Look...
14-11-2017 02:21:16 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
Syncronising users from Active Directory to Oracle Database using Ansible
We have hundreds of developers who need access to production database for incident management purposes. But we don't want to use shared acco...
13-11-2017 19:45:21 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
About database backup and recovery
Here is a slightly modified soft blog post I wrote to explain my technical OUG conference presentation about database backups to a non techn...
05-11-2017 09:16:35 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
Upcoming conferences - end of 2017
I've been accepted to the following upcoming conferences: 16-18 October SIOUG 17 Slovenian Oracle User Group Implementing incremental foreve...
19-07-2017 14:12:14 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
Updates to Oracle image copy backup scripts
I added a few larger updates to my Oracle Image Copy backup scripts. Now it also has built in support for Netapp NAS storage In addition to ...
18-12-2016 16:21:25 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
Free code: script suite to manage incrementally updated image copies in Oracle
I just published for free the work I've done for the past 1,5 years We used to have a few problems with backups: * Weekly full backup took 2...
17-10-2016 19:46:52 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
Upcoming conferences, end of 2016
I'll be presenting "Using image copies for Oracle database backups" at the following upcoming conferences: HROUG 2016 in Rovinj, Croatia, 18...
01-10-2016 22:05:33 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
Experiences with moving to multitenant in
Lately I've been upgrading our 11g Standard Edition databases in test environments to 12c Enterprise Edition and also plugging them in to a ...
09-07-2016 23:48:16 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
Interesting difference in foreign key locking behavior between heap and index organized tables
I hit this issue by accident, developers wanted to disable inserts to child table so they could perform some one-time maintenance operation,...
04-06-2016 18:11:02 Ilmar Kerm Oracle
RMAN-06172 when restoring a controlfile and dNFS is not turned on
Oracle EE on Linux x86-64. I got a really surprising error message today when setting up a new data guard standby database. I creat...
20-05-2016 13:52:34 Ilmar Kerm Oracle

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