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What the Self-Service BI Trend Means for Sales and Marketing Pros
Today's guest post is by Jessica Barrett Holcom, from TechnologyAdvice. The volume of data being produced today is almost staggering, and th...
11-09-2018 19:46:47 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
3 Things We're Looking Forward to at Opticon 2018
It's finally September. The leaves are changing colors, the smell of pumpkin spice lattes is in the air, and hundreds of marketers, salespeo...
05-09-2018 22:58:54 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Heap Q&A with Jim Huffman, Co-founder and CEO of GrowthHit
Jim Huffman is a digital marketing professional passionate about the intersection of analytics, product, and content. He has grown startups ...
29-08-2018 21:32:06 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
How We Found a Missing Scala Class
Building a product like Heap isn't all performance optimisation and software architecture. Here's a fun tale of debugging that starts off wi...
29-08-2018 00:16:21 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Data Team
When you're part of a data team, you hear it time and time again: the amount of data is exploding. This data holds the keys to valuable insi...
23-08-2018 01:51:36 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
3 Datasets Worth Leveraging for your Experimentation + New Webinar
We're putting on a webinar with WiderFunnel on August 14th, 2018 at 10am PDT, titled How to turn your data into revenue-driving customer-cen...
13-08-2018 08:44:29 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
5 Stupid Things People Do with Self-Service Analytics — And How to Prevent Them
It's better when you can do it yourself, right? That's the opinion many organizations have about self-service analytics. Why bother the IT g...
10-08-2018 18:36:13 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
6 Steps to GDPR Compliance
Recently, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. The GDPR is a framework put forth by the European Union (EU) that ...
02-08-2018 23:55:51 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Manual Tagging: The Stick in your Analytics Bicycle Spokes
Whenever you implement a complex process like web or mobile analytics, it can be challenging to figure out if it's working optimally, or eve...
18-07-2018 22:49:39 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Mary Meeker: 6 Key Trends for E-Commerce in 2018
Our favorite data evangelist, futurist and dual-axis graph extraordinaire, Mary Meeker, recently came out with her annual Internet Trends re...
10-07-2018 20:12:10 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL

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