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Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Most Out of Heap Snapshots
Snapshots are a great tool for capturing event properties and can even be used to call Heap APIs. Here are a few cool examples of what you c...
17-12-2018 23:15:44 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
A Year in Review: The Most Popular Platforms and Devices for eCommerce Sales
In this article, Heap has analyzed millions of anonymized online orders from seven of the largest ecommerce sites to answer questions such a...
10-12-2018 19:03:36 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Heap Earns Top Spot in Glassdoor 2019 Best Places to Work Awards
Heap today announced it was recognized by Glassdoor as the Best Place to Work in 2019 among small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. Th...
06-12-2018 20:23:35 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Why Heap is a 2019 Best Places to Work
Being at Heap is exciting whether you're an engineer, salesperson, or a culture builder (like yours truly). It's the reason we're #1 in the ...
05-12-2018 17:00:11 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Why Google Analytics Is Not Enough
Millions of people use the free version of Google Analytics (GA), making it easily the most popular analytics tool out there. The familiar b...
07-11-2018 21:31:44 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Why Build-Your-Own Customer Data Platforms Are So Hard (and What to Do About It)
The build-your-own customer data platform (CDP) is on the rise and for good reason. These platforms empower high-growth data teams to make d...
30-10-2018 19:12:46 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
How to Make Data-Driven Decisions Fast
Think about the amount of data your brain processes every day to help you make decisions. For example, on any typical day, you might conside...
23-10-2018 19:39:15 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Increase your Return on Data with Snowflake + Heap
With the rise of advanced analytics, BI tools, and cloud-based infrastructure, successful companies are consolidating their customer data in...
22-10-2018 20:40:21 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
How to Own Your Customer Data and Upgrade Your Data Tech Stack
Getting a unified, 360 degree understanding of your customers means bringing together data you have about them and their interactions with y...
18-10-2018 21:53:24 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Top Takeaways from JOIN 2018
JOIN 2018, Looker's annual conference, made its mark on San Francisco last week. The three day conference took over the Palace of the Fine A...
17-10-2018 18:57:45 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL

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