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Why we should enable trace flag 3604 before part of DBCC statements?
In many cases, while we using DBCC commands, we must to run two statements instead of one, in order to receive the wishful result. For examp...
10-03-2018 14:43:01 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Creating AlwaysOn Availability Group With Scripts
One day, your Availability Group cluster can get into a critical state in a way that forces your team to create the Availability Group from ...
10-03-2018 08:05:19 Guy Glantser SQL Server
"Last Known Good" or why after instance restarts CHECKDB finished so fast?
After every restart of SQL server instance, we can find on the error log message like: CHECKDB for database AdventureWorks2017' finished wit...
10-03-2018 01:21:35 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Which One is Better? IN or BETWEEN?
I just had an interesting case of performance tuning: a query with multiple predicates on a very large table. Something like this: [crayon-5...
09-03-2018 18:36:56 Guy Glantser SQL Server
What is the CXPACKET Wait Type?
This wait type indicates that parallel plans execute on the server. This wait type doesn't necessarily means there is a problem. It only poi...
02-03-2018 22:25:23 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Use Filtered Statistics to Improve Performance on Very Large Tables
Let's say you have a very large table on a SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition instance. This means: old cardinality estimator and no partition...
02-03-2018 15:40:37 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Cost Threshold for Parallelism and How to Increase it Properly
Planning to Increase Cost Threshold for Parallelism When administrating a SQL Server instance with multiple CPU cores and heavy workload, it...
27-02-2018 17:05:40 Guy Glantser SQL Server
The king is dead, long live the king!
Everyone, who deal with SQL server, know sample database AdventureWorks, which has been with us since the days of SQL Server 2005. Most of o...
21-02-2018 13:37:06 Guy Glantser SQL Server
SCHEMABINDING and Why It Can be Useful?
In SQL Server, when we use the "WITH SCHEMABINDING" clause in the definition of an object (view or function), we bind the object to the sche...
15-02-2018 13:58:57 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Extremely easiest tricks to list table column names and replace SELECT *
Everyone know simple T-SQL "SELECT * " bad practice. It's: Effect on the execution plan (Table / Index Scan); Returning too much data (unnec...
15-02-2018 07:19:19 Guy Glantser SQL Server

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