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Customer Satisfaction Survey
We decided to create a customer satisfaction survey and send it to all our customers. The goal of this post is to share the story about our ...
01-09-2017 11:48:56 Guy Glantser SQL Server
The 10 Basic Concepts of T-SQL
For the end of the latest Basic Querying and Programming in SQL Server course, I prepared a list of the basic concepts I recommend the stude...
29-08-2017 17:24:37 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Working with Very Large Tables in SQL Server 2016
Today (July 26) I presented an online session with the title "Working with Very Large Tables Like a Pro in SQL Server 2016". The session was...
26-07-2017 21:26:46 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Great Minds Think Alike!
Madeira Data Solutions ! 10 , , [ ] The post Great Minds Think Alike! appeared first on Madeira Data Solutions.
19-06-2017 10:42:24 Guy Glantser SQL Server
What Do You Do When Performance Sucks?
So you are a SQL Server DBA, and you are responsible for a database, which gives you a hard time. Users constantly complain about poor perfo...
16-05-2017 07:56:32 Guy Glantser SQL Server
My Session about SQL Server Parameterization
Last month I presented a session in the wonderful GroupBy online conference about SQL Server parameterization. The title of the session was ...
10-05-2017 08:41:30 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Video: How to Use SQL Server 2016 Live Query Statistics for Watching Live Query Execution
In this video, I show how to enable live query statistics in SQL Server 2016 in order to see execution flow for running queries, and how to ...
03-05-2017 13:33:35 Guy Glantser SQL Server
SQL Server 2016 for Performance Tuning Lovers
Last week I presented my session, SQL Server 2016 for Performance Tuning Lovers at the GroupBy conference. That was tons of fun and actually...
02-05-2017 11:31:01 Guy Glantser SQL Server
T-SQL Programming for Developers Course
Are you a software developer? Did you ever get to develop a software that works with a Microsoft SQL Server database? Perhaps you started ou...
13-03-2017 13:58:05 Guy Glantser SQL Server
Availability Group on SQL Server 2016
The Challenge One of our clients in the gaming industry wanted to set up a high availability solution in their data center in the UK. They h...
01-02-2017 08:21:35 Guy Glantser SQL Server

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