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Query Store and Log Backups
A question that came up recently around Query Store is what happens when there are log backups in use on the database. Let's talk about it. ...
17-09-2018 16:25:27 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Estimated Plans and Forced Plans from Query Store
While all plans are estimated plans, there is still a difference between capturing an estimated plan and looking at a plan from the cache or...
10-09-2018 16:18:53 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Actual Execution Plan Costs
Why don't "actual execution plans" have "actual execution plan costs"? This is a question and a myth I have to fight against all the time. I...
20-08-2018 17:24:06 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Measuring Query Execution Time: What Is Most Accurate
Probably the single most important factor when deciding which query to tune, or actively tuning a query, is how you go about measuring query...
13-08-2018 17:07:02 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
What Is The Preferred Join Operator in SQL Server?
I schedule many of my blog posts at least 2-3 weeks out, so I have time to adjust them, change, them, insert new things into the schedule, w...
09-07-2018 17:18:50 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Plan Metrics Without the Plan: Trace Flag 7412
I place a lot of emphasis on capturing actual execution plans because of the runtime metrics, but with Trace Flag 7412, we don't need the pl...
11-06-2018 17:04:50 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Extended Events, the system_health Session, and Waits
I advocate for, use, document, teach, and just downright love, Extended Events. They are so much better than the old Trace Events (aka, Prof...
04-06-2018 17:23:09 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Query To Retrieve Statistics Data: dm_db_stats_histogram
Starting with SQL Server 2016 Sp1 CU2, a new way of directly querying statistics, specifically the histogram, has been introduced: dm_db_sta...
29-05-2018 16:49:50 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Adaptive Joins
I was surprised to find out that a lot people hadn't heard about the new join type, Adaptive join. So, I figured I could do a quick overview...
27-02-2018 17:07:49 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Database Fundamentals #7: Create a Table Using T-SQL
The syntax for creating a table logically follows many of the same steps that you did when using the GUI, but it will all be done with the s...
07-08-2017 17:15:46 Grant Fritchey SQL Server

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