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The Three T's of Backups
I just read several more horror stories that include, among other things, failed backups. I've said it before (at volume, extreme volume), a...
19-06-2017 16:08:26 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Does Query Store Pre-Allocate Space
I love the questions I get while I'm presenting because they force me to think and learn. The question in the title is one I received recent...
07-02-2017 16:55:45 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Query Optimizer and Data Definition Language Queries
Data Definition Language queries don't go through the optimizer, right? While normally, my short answer to this question in the past would h...
10-01-2017 17:16:20 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
OPTIMIZE FOR Hints When Parameter Sniffing is Turned Off
While presenting recently and talking about dealing with bad Parameter Sniffing, I got the question; what happens to OPTIMIZE FOR hints when...
12-12-2016 16:04:21 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Database Clone
There are a bunch of ways you could create a database clone. Backup and restore is one method. Export/Import is another. There are even thir...
28-11-2016 17:24:49 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
PowerShell to Test a Query
So you want to do some tuning, but you're not sure how to test a query on it's performance. Not a problem. Here's a very rough script that I...
23-11-2016 16:36:08 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Query Data Store Data
The data in the Query Data Store is what makes all the magic happen. From collecting the aggregate performance metrics of a query to the var...
21-11-2016 16:53:31 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
sp_executesql Is Not Faster Than an Ad Hoc Query
This requires an immediate caveat. You should absolutely be using sp_executesql over any type of non-parameterized execution of T-SQL. You m...
07-11-2016 17:04:36 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Reinforcing the Importance of Statistics on Row Estimate
I recently wrote an introductory post about the importance of statistics. I just received a reinforcement on how important they are during m...
03-11-2016 15:56:20 Grant Fritchey SQL Server
Stored Procedures Are Not Faster Than Views
A performance tuning tip I saw recently said, "Views don't perform as well as stored procedures." Let's break this down, just a little. Defi...
01-11-2016 15:12:01 Grant Fritchey SQL Server

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