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Client support for WITH using PL/SQL
My employer has been using 12c for about a year now, migrating away from 11gR2. It's fun working out the new functionality, including wider ...
29-02-2016 10:18:26 Gary Myers Oracle
Multisessioning with Python
I'll admit that I pretty constantly have at least one window either open into SQL*Plus or at the command line ready to run a deployment scri...
31-01-2016 08:38:54 Gary Myers Oracle
Oracle things that piss me off (pt 2) - No Direction
The SQL Developer team has been chugging forward with it's SQL Command Line (sqlcl) tool.As I developer, I understand where they are coming ...
10-05-2015 06:33:00 Gary Myers Oracle
Oracle things that piss me off (pt 1)
This annoys me.The fact that Oracle thinks it is appropriate to sell me to 'Ask' whenever I update my Oracle JRE. On my home machines,I've d...
25-04-2015 22:27:00 Gary Myers Oracle
A world of confusion
It has got to the stage where I often don't even know what day it is. No, not premature senility (although some may disagree). But time zone...
04-04-2015 08:00:00 Gary Myers Oracle

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