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PgOpen 2016 recap
It's been a few weeks now since we wrapped up the most recent PostgresOpen in Dallas. Marianne Bellotti's keynote was a fantastic and very i...
11-10-2016 04:53:11 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL
My Picks for PgOpen 2016
We're back in Dallas for our 6th year of PostgresOpen! This year, we're out at the Westin Galleria, which I'm told has an ice rink. (Is it t...
01-09-2016 06:11:25 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL
Easy clock dimension table
We're currently redesigning our data warehouse, and we're experimenting with a clock (or time, or time-of-day) dimension to represent the ti...
23-08-2016 04:44:33 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL
Slow Query Checklist
Every slow query situation has its own quirks. Here's my generic template for troubleshooting them. First, I start with the holy trinity of ...
28-06-2016 03:35:35 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL
RDS: log vacuum messages
Last year I commented that "autovacuum log messages are still missing in [RDS] 9.4". Amazon fixed that for versions 9.4.5 and up with the cu...
22-06-2016 04:31:59 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL
RDS OS update
I've some more info for the AWS RDS OS update I mentioned last week. The announcement states that this update will take an outage. In my exp...
03-02-2016 23:49:15 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL
Scale 14x recap
I went to SCALE mainly for PostgreSQL@Scale Joe Conway's grown this annual add-on into a two-day, two-track event. The new venue is a huge i...
28-01-2016 06:02:31 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL
Postgres FDW, one year later
I've been using Postgres' foreign data wrappers for about a year now. Stuff I've learned/done: Those of you on 9.5 can use the new IMPORT FO...
20-01-2016 22:27:17 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL
Upgrading an existing RDS database to Postgres 9.4
Last Thursday, I had this short and one-sided conversation with myself: “Oh, cool, Pg 9.4 is out for RDS. I’ll upgrade my new database befor...
24-03-2015 01:09:00 Gabrielle Roth PostgreSQL

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