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A performance deep dive into column encryption
Actually, this is a follow up post from my performance deep dive into tablespace encryption. After having investigated how tablespace encryp...
05-04-2017 00:24:28 Frits Hoogland Oracle
A performance deep dive into tablespace encryption
This is a run through of a performance investigation into Oracle tablespace encryption. These are the versions this test was performed on: I...
01-04-2017 16:09:09 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Starting an instance with sqlplus and running into ORA-27302: failure occurred at: skgpwinit6
Recently I was applying the data dictionary part from an (exadata bundle) patch and ran into the following errors: This was very weird, I ha...
15-03-2017 15:18:19 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Oracle database (januari 2017 PSU) and TDE wallets
Recently, I was trying to setup TDE. Doing that I found out the Oracle provided documentation isn't overly clear, and there is a way to do i...
08-03-2017 14:14:57 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Oracle 12.2 wait event ‘PGA memory operation'
When sifting through a sql_trace file from Oracle version 12.2, I noticed a new wait event: PGA memory operation': The current documentation...
01-03-2017 23:50:34 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Performing in the cloud – network latency
To me, cloud computing' is renting a compute resource to perform a task. In order to use that compute resource, you need to instruct it to d...
14-02-2017 22:08:43 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Auditing Oracle database stopping and starting using the ELK stack
This blog post is about two things: one how you can monitor who is bringing you database up and down (there is a twist at the end!) and two ...
21-01-2017 11:33:32 Frits Hoogland Oracle
An introduction to PCP / Performance Co Pilot on Oracle Linux
I was investigating gathering performance data on (oracle) linux servers recently and came across Performance Co-Pilot (PCP). I have come ac...
13-01-2017 17:56:42 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Advanced Oracle memory profiling using pin tool ‘pinatrace'
In my previous post, I introduced Intel Pin. If you are new to pin, please follow this link to my previous post on how to set it up and how ...
18-11-2016 12:16:10 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Introduction to Intel Pin
This blogpost is an introduction to Intel's Pin dynamic instrumentation framework. Pin and the pintools were brought to my attention by Mahm...
17-11-2016 13:08:05 Frits Hoogland Oracle

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