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The hang manager
Recently I was looking in the trace directory in the diag dest of my ( instance, and found some trace files which were different fr...
11-12-2017 23:51:48 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Oracle 12.1 big table caching IO code path
Recently I was triggered about the automatic big table caching' feature introduced in Oracle version with Roger Macnicol's blogpost...
22-10-2017 17:48:53 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Oracle C functions annotations
Warning! This is a post about Oracle database internals for internals lovers and researchers. For normal, functional administration, this po...
16-10-2017 22:33:34 Frits Hoogland Oracle
How to automatically build any recent version of the Oracle database.
There are many situations where you want to use a very specific configuration of the Oracle database, for example when a client has an issue...
13-09-2017 17:57:29 Frits Hoogland Oracle
The full table scan direct path read decision for version 12.2
This post is about the decision the Oracle database engine makes when it is using a full segment scan approach. The choices the engine has i...
08-09-2017 17:57:01 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Installation overview of node_exporter, prometheus and grafana
Prometheus is an open source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit originally build at Soundcloud. This blogpost shows how to install the ...
31-07-2017 18:33:27 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Linux memory usage
One of the principal important configuration settings for running an Oracle database is making appropriate use of memory. Sizing the memory ...
25-07-2017 21:02:18 Frits Hoogland Oracle
A performance deep dive into column encryption
Actually, this is a follow up post from my performance deep dive into tablespace encryption. After having investigated how tablespace encryp...
05-04-2017 00:24:28 Frits Hoogland Oracle
A performance deep dive into tablespace encryption
This is a run through of a performance investigation into Oracle tablespace encryption. These are the versions this test was performed on: I...
01-04-2017 16:09:09 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Starting an instance with sqlplus and running into ORA-27302: failure occurred at: skgpwinit6
Recently I was applying the data dictionary part from an (exadata bundle) patch and ran into the following errors: This was very weird, I ha...
15-03-2017 15:18:19 Frits Hoogland Oracle

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