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The amazing ANSI join syntax quirk
The kind of quirks I love: those that you can find a workaround for without having to wait for a patch.I am talking Oracle Database 12c Ente...
28-08-2017 09:53:22 Flavio Casetta Oracle
SQLDeveloper 4.2 problem with some bind variables values
I just found out that SQLDeveloper version (tested on windows 10) might execute SQL or PL/SQL code containing bind variables wi...
08-08-2017 09:09:32 Flavio Casetta Oracle
The importance of being CURRENT_USER
Say I am user FLAVIO.SCHEMA1 is another schema.I have been granted EXECUTE and DEBUG privileges on SCHEMA1.TEST_PROC through a role.Oracle D...
07-07-2017 16:45:22 Flavio Casetta Oracle
Fire an employee? It's that easy!
I love the sense of humor Larry puts in his documentation :-)
04-07-2017 22:49:06 Flavio Casetta Oracle
Apex 5.1.1 released
The latest version of Oracle Application Express has been made available yesterday for download from Oracle as reported by Joel Kallman. As ...
29-03-2017 10:24:53 Flavio Casetta Oracle
Apex 5.1 Application Builder Overview
The latest video about the Application Builder in Apex 5.1 from Oracle's Senior Principal Product Manager David Peake.
20-01-2017 11:52:23 Flavio Casetta Oracle
Oracle Apex 5.1 is here
Oracle Apex 5.1 is now production and available for download.
22-12-2016 00:37:23 Flavio Casetta Oracle
ORA-00600: internal error code when executing trigger
Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates. Here is another example of ORA-00600 where probably it make...
09-02-2016 16:21:50 Flavio Casetta Oracle
Off topic: finally a really good online OCR service
Sometimes I need to import printed documents like contracts, letters and so on, but I must say that until yesterday my attempts to successfu...
16-11-2015 04:02:00 Flavio Casetta Oracle
Error: parsererror - SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 2 column 1 of the JSON data
Always check out the original article at for latest comments, fixes and updates. Error: parsererror - SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected no...
10-11-2015 02:00:00 Flavio Casetta Oracle

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