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Steps for Moving ASM Disk from FRA to DATA
Due to some unexpected data load, the space in DATA diskgroup became critically low on one of the production systems during middle of night ...
19-06-2017 05:26:46 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
12c Patching Resume with Nonrolling Option While Analyze - JSON Magic
I was engaged in an interesting Oracle 12c patching today. Patch applicability was checked by using: "$GRID_HOME/OPatch/opatch auto apply /u...
15-05-2017 09:55:29 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Love Your Data Conference in NYC on 31st May
In this InfoEra, its all about data.Whether its in the cloud or on-premises everything is truly revolving around and is for data. Pythian un...
22-04-2017 03:12:52 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Google Big Querry and Oracle Smart Scan
Marveling at the technology is my pastime and lately there are 2 technologies which truly have made me say ' Simply Wow.' One is Google's Bi...
05-04-2017 07:09:42 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
What Oracle DBAs Need to Learn in Oracle Cloud Platform?
The transition from Oracle on-premises DBA to Oracle Cloud DBA is imminent for many of us. In fact, IMHO; the existing Oracle DBAs would hav...
27-03-2017 09:36:58 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Is Oracle Database in Cloud PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, or DBaaS?
Question: Is Oracle Database in Cloud PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, or DBaaS? Answer: If you install and manage Oracle database in cloud by yourself, th...
25-03-2017 07:35:59 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Upgrade of Oracle GI to Oracle Steps
Just noting down the high level steps which were performed for the Upgrade of Oracle GI to Oracle on RHEL 64bit Linux. Cre...
24-03-2017 05:07:23 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals in Sydney
Just finished up one day training at Google's Sydney office in Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals. GCP is pretty cool and I think I like it....
12-12-2016 06:44:39 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Speaking at APAC OTN TOUR 2016 in Wellington, New Zealand
The APAC OTN Tour 2016 will be running from October 26th until November 11th visiting 4 countries/7 Cities in the Asia Pacific Region. I wil...
24-10-2016 02:54:46 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
ORA-01156 When Adding Standby Redo Log in Dataguard Configuration
Database version = If you get following error while adding a Standby Redo Log (SRL) to a standby database in dataguard configurat...
09-10-2016 04:01:09 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle

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