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Its Cloud Service, Not Oracle 18c RDBMS which is Self-Driving and Autonomous
Look at the following picture displayed at Oracle's official website here, and you would forgive anyone who would naively believe that the O...
05-01-2018 00:44:26 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
ORA-00240: control file enqueue held for more than 120 seconds 12c
Occasionally, In Oracle 12c database, you may get ORA-00240: control file enqueue held for more than 120 seconds error in the alert log file...
12-12-2017 06:50:49 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Enters Amazon Aurora Serverless
More often than not, database administrators around the technologies have to fight out high load on their databases. It could be ad hoc quer...
01-12-2017 06:22:55 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Query Flat Files in S3 with Amazon Athena
Amazon Athena enables you to access data present in flat files stored in S3 (Simple Storage Service) as if it were in a table in the databas...
22-11-2017 04:40:29 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
List of Networking Concepts to Pass AWS Cloud Architect Associate Exam
Networking is a pivotal concept in cloud computing. Knowing it is a must to be a successful Cloud Architect. Of course you won't be physical...
08-11-2017 23:57:38 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Exam
Well, it was quite an enriching experience to go through taking the AWS certification exam and I am humbled to say that I passed it. It was ...
07-11-2017 19:57:41 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Guaranteed Way to Pass AWS Cloud Architect Certification Exam
Today and for the sometime to come, one of the hottest IT certification to hold is AWS Cloud Architect Certification. There are various reas...
07-11-2017 13:18:19 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
CIDR for Dummies DBA in Cloud
For DBAs of Cloud, its imperative to learn various networking concepts and CIDR is one of them. Without going into much detail, I will just ...
01-10-2017 09:36:25 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
Idempotent and Nullipotent in Cloud
I was going through the documentation of Oracle Cloud IaaS, when I came across the vaguely familiar term Idempotent. One great thing which I...
19-09-2017 12:24:24 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle
SRVCTL Status Doesn't Show RAC instances Running Unlike SQLPLUS
Yesterday, I converted a single instance physical standby database to a cluster database with 2 nodes. After converting that to R...
19-09-2017 01:51:22 Fahd Mirza Chughtai Oracle

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