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20-06-2018 09:41:59 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL
Wrong prediction of the day
"There is this fear people have that eventually actors are going to be replaced by computer characters. I don't think it is valid at all. Th...
18-10-2017 09:32:17 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL
Using PostgreSQL to get things done: 1. Installation
Currently I'm doing a short series of videos about data analysis PostgreSQL. Since this is for people who usually do not directly deal with ...
29-03-2017 14:19:31 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL
Windows, keep your dirty fingers of my files!
I spent the better part of the morning figuring out why a colleague could not import a PostgreSQL dump in plain format made on Linux on his ...
23-03-2017 15:55:59 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL
Module Monday: safeupdate
A recent tweet pointed me to safeupdate which is a little extension that forbids unconditional UPDATE and DELETE statements, i.e. without WH...
06-02-2017 00:34:19 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL
A new type for PostgreSQL
CREATE TYPE trumpean AS ENUM ('true', 'alternateTrue');
23-01-2017 19:11:37 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL
What happened?
Deutschland3222Vereinigte Staaten3127Tschechische Republik2918Frankreich66V ereinigtes K nigreich49Belgien34Pole n23Slowakei12Brasilien11I r...
05-01-2017 00:44:24 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL
One-time passwords with Google Authenticator PAM (and friends)
PostgreSQL allows for more than plain password authentication in pg_hba.conf. One of the most flexible is authenticating against a PAM. Let'...
30-12-2016 12:29:40 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL
Stampede is out!
Stampede just got live! I'll try this for sure, when I have time, when I have time...
30-11-2016 17:56:51 theplateisbad (Ernst-Georg Schmid) PostgreSQL

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