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Partition Pruning in EDB Postgres 9.5
One of my colleague who was recently working with a customer has presented a customer case. According to him, customer has a partitioned tab...
19-12-2016 20:10:55 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
EDB Ark: DBaaS for Hybrid Cloud Deployments
The accelerated pace of application development means most enterprises can no longer wait for traditional IT to lead those initiatives. Trad...
13-12-2016 19:55:09 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL: Aggregate push-down in postgres_fdw
It's exciting times in PostgreSQL for those who are using postgres_fdw or Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs) in general. Users often complained th...
23-11-2016 18:04:16 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
Collaboration Makes Postgres Better for Everyone
I recently went to PGConf.EU, the European PostgreSQL conference that was held in Tallinn, Estonia on November 1-4. This annual event for Po...
16-11-2016 17:16:01 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
5 Step Assessment: Selecting a DBMS for New Application Development
IT is struggling to keep up with the speed of business. The business landscape shifts priorities and requirements faster than you can say "r...
10-11-2016 23:38:49 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
Data Backup Made Easy
Backup strategies are critical to enterprise data management, but the time, storage, and management requirements pose a host of challenges. ...
04-11-2016 17:41:09 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
How to Be the Master of Your Database Domain
The increasing deployment of Postgres has brought about new demands for features, capabilities, and tools from developers and database admin...
02-11-2016 23:49:50 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
Why it's Cool to be an OLTP Database Again
In 2012, the research firm Gartner defined the Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) as "a new data management architecture for analytics which combi...
24-10-2016 19:09:39 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL
Easy Upgrade Tips for the New EDB Failover Manager
High availability means keeping the enterprise's critical data infrastructure running well with virtually no downtime, and ensuring the data...
06-10-2016 18:27:52 EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL

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