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Postgres migrating SQL_ASCII to UTF-8 with fix_latin
(photograph by NOAA National Ocean Service) Upgrading Postgres is not quite as painful as it used to be, thanks primarily to the pg_upgrade ...
22-07-2017 02:39:06 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Amazon AWS upgrades to Postgres with Bucardo
(Bird-chasing photo by Doug Waldron) Many of our clients at End Point are using the incredible Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), whi...
07-06-2017 00:03:59 Endpoint PostgreSQL
DBA Revenge: How To Get Back at Developers
In the spirit of April 1st, resurrecting this old classic post: Maybe you work at one of those large corporations that has a dedicated DBA s...
02-04-2017 18:32:18 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres WAL files: best compression methods
Turtle turtle by WO1 Larry Olson from US Army The PostgreSQL database system uses the write-ahead logging method to ensure that a log of cha...
28-03-2017 18:36:31 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres statistics and the pain of analyze
(Photo by marfis75 on flickr) Anytime you run a query in Postgres, it needs to compile your SQL into a lower-level plan explaining how exact...
07-12-2016 14:45:46 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Throw It Away: Suppressing Writes on PostgreSQL Replicas
We needed a way to suppress specific write commands on a Postgres streaming replica. The replica was set up for a DR configuration, with the...
01-12-2016 01:59:07 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres connection service file
(Photo byFrancisco Javier Garcia Orts) Postgres has a wonderfully helpful (but often overlooked) feature called the connection service file ...
26-10-2016 22:08:42 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres schema differences and views
(Photo by Philippe Vieux-Jeanton) Comparing the schemas of two or more different Postgres databases is a common task, but can be tricky when...
14-10-2016 21:40:05 Endpoint PostgreSQL
pg_healer: repairing Postgres problems automatically
(Photograph by Thomas Bresson) Sometimes, the elephant gets hurt - inducing database errors! Data corruption is a fact of life in working wi...
19-09-2016 19:40:05 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Executing Custom SQL in Django Migrations
Since version 1.7, Django has natively supported database migrations similar to Rails migrations. The biggest difference fundamentally betwe...
17-09-2016 21:25:03 Endpoint PostgreSQL

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