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Using PostgreSQL cidr and inet types, operators, and functions
A common problem in database design is how to properly store IP addresses: They are essentially positive 32 or 128 bit integers, but they're...
29-09-2017 02:21:41 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Working on production systems
(Not as easy as it looks) Photo by Flickr user'edenpictures' As consultants, the engineers at End Point are often called upon to do work on ...
27-09-2017 13:15:36 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres migrating SQL_ASCII to UTF-8 with fix_latin
(photograph by NOAA National Ocean Service) Upgrading Postgres is not quite as painful as it used to be, thanks primarily to the pg_upgrade ...
22-07-2017 02:39:06 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Amazon AWS upgrades to Postgres with Bucardo
(Bird-chasing photo by Doug Waldron) Many of our clients at End Point are using the incredible Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), whi...
07-06-2017 00:03:59 Endpoint PostgreSQL
DBA Revenge: How To Get Back at Developers
In the spirit of April 1st, resurrecting this old classic post: Maybe you work at one of those large corporations that has a dedicated DBA s...
02-04-2017 18:32:18 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres WAL files: best compression methods
Turtle turtle by WO1 Larry Olson from US Army The PostgreSQL database system uses the write-ahead logging method to ensure that a log of cha...
28-03-2017 18:36:31 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres statistics and the pain of analyze
(Photo by marfis75 on flickr) Anytime you run a query in Postgres, it needs to compile your SQL into a lower-level plan explaining how exact...
07-12-2016 14:45:46 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Throw It Away: Suppressing Writes on PostgreSQL Replicas
We needed a way to suppress specific write commands on a Postgres streaming replica. The replica was set up for a DR configuration, with the...
01-12-2016 01:59:07 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres connection service file
(Photo byFrancisco Javier Garcia Orts) Postgres has a wonderfully helpful (but often overlooked) feature called the connection service file ...
26-10-2016 22:08:42 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Postgres schema differences and views
(Photo by Philippe Vieux-Jeanton) Comparing the schemas of two or more different Postgres databases is a common task, but can be tricky when...
14-10-2016 21:40:05 Endpoint PostgreSQL

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