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Regionation with PostGIS
Recently a co-worker handed me a KML file and said, in essence, "This file takes too long for the Liquid Galaxy to load and render. What can...
09-02-2018 03:24:45 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Inserting lots of data efficiently in Rails + Postgres
This is going to be a very short post about a simple solution to the problem of inserting data fast when you really have a lot of it. The pr...
05-12-2017 07:49:02 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Working on production systems
(Not as easy as it looks) Photo by Flickr user 'edenpictures' As consultants, the engineers at End Point are often called upon to do work on...
14-11-2017 03:46:12 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Using PostgreSQL cidr and inet types, operators, and functions
A common problem in database design is how to properly store IP addresses: They are essentially positive 32 or 128 bit integers, but they're...
13-11-2017 21:10:44 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Disaster Recovery - Miami to Dallas in one hit
Hurricane Irma came a knocking but didn't blow Miami away. Hurricanes are never fun, and neither is knowing that your business servers may b...
13-11-2017 14:31:50 Endpoint PostgreSQL
AngularJS is not Angular
Why I'm doing this? I often see that people use AngularJS and Angular names interchangeably. It's an obvious mistake for someone familiar wi...
13-11-2017 07:58:07 Endpoint PostgreSQL
PKIX path validation failed - Debugging
I recently ran into a case working on an application with a PKIX path validation error on a site that had a valid certificate. I was able to...
13-11-2017 01:24:35 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Liquid Galaxy at ASTC 2017
End Point is pleased to be participating in ASTC 2017, alongside our partners BWC Visual Technology. ASTC, which stands for the Association ...
12-11-2017 18:45:10 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Using tail_n_mail after hours
(Photo of Turtle Island by Edwin Poon) Someone recently asked me something about tail_n_mail, a program that watches over your log files, sc...
12-11-2017 12:08:46 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Hot-deploy Java classes and assets in Wildfly 8/9/10
Introduction Java development can be really frustrating when you need to re-build your project and restart a server every time you change so...
12-11-2017 05:33:11 Endpoint PostgreSQL

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